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Casualty star: Lev is 'scared' when Dylan confronts him for cheating on Faith

Lev and Faith
(Image credit: BBC)

Uriel Emil reveals Lev’s emotional rollercoaster when Dylan challenges him

Casualty paramedic Lev Malinovsky’s world comes crashing down in Casualty this Saturday when love rival Dylan Keogh reveals he knows his secret!

Last week Dylan (William Beck) witnessed Lev share a passionate moment with a mystery man - known to viewers as Xander, who Lev recently met online.

In this Saturday’s Casualty (BBC1, 8.40pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) Lev learns his secret isn’t a secret anymore when Dylan confronts him!

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At first Lev denies everything, but Dylan knows he’s lying. He also knows exactly who Xander is...

Dylan discovers the identity of Lev’s mystery man when Xander brings his pregnant friend, Claudie, to the ED, and Dylan treats her. Dylan has a heart to heart with Xander (Borgia’s Danny Szam) when he becomes concerned that Claudie (Hollyoaks star Amanda Clapham) is having an ectopic pregnancy.

Guest characters Xander and Claudie

Guest characters Xander and Claudie (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

During the conversation Xander lets it slip that he knows Lev, and Dylan quickly realises where he’s seen him before!

Dylan organises a blood transfusion and urges Xander, who is Claudie’s sperm donor, to support her as much as he can.

Nod to Casualty past

A touching scene Casualty fans will appreciate, as Dylan lost an unborn child in September 2018 (opens in new tab) with his ex-girlfriend Ciara Cassidy (Belinda Stewart-Wilson). Coincidentally, Faith is the first person Dylan has had deep feelings for since Ciara left Holby.

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Meanwhile, Lev, wracked with guilt for cheating on his wife Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) realises the game is up when he sees Xander and Dylan together in Holby ED...

“Lev is very scared,” admits Uriel Emil, who plays him. “This situation is going to get much more complicated, as his secret becomes more difficult to keep!”

Although Lev has cheated on fan favourite Faith while their son Luka is receiving cancer treatment, Uriel hopes that viewers may have some sympathy for Lev.

Lev, Faith and Luka spend quality time together at a local ice-rink before Luka's appointment

Lev, Faith and Luka before Dylan discovers Lev's secret... (Image credit: BBC)

“Lev’s got all these secrets, all these demons he’s carrying.

“He grew up in a different culture where coming out is not accepted,” explains Uriel, who has also starred in The Great Fire and Cleaning Up.

“Lev is not a person that would harm anyone on purpose, but his background makes him come across as a much rougher person.”

The image, below, released from BBC seems to suggest otherwise, however!

Lev threatens Dylan when the doctor reveals he knows his secret

Dylan tells Lev I Know What You Did Last Saturday...! (Image credit: BBC)

Would Lev, who was in a violent gang in his youth, hurt Dylan to protect his secret life?

Find out when Casualty airs on BBC1 at 8.40pm, Saturday 8th August 2020.

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