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Casualty viewers had a BIG reaction to Connie's return following her heartbreaking cancer battle

(Image credit: BBC)

Fans of the show were over the moon that Connie was back

Casualty fan favourite Connie Beauchamp recently underwent life-saving surgery after suffering with an aggressive form of cancer.

In heartbreaking scenes earlier this year, the hospital's clinical lead suffered heart failure before going under the knife to have her cardiac tumour removed.

But during Saturday night's episode, fans were delighted as Connie (Amanda Mealing) made her return to the ED - and she was more feisty than ever.

Strutting into the building in a black trouser suit and heels, the doctor returned to take her place on the panel for Doctor Ethan Hardy's consultancy interview.

And Ethan (George Rainsford) looked just as shocked as the rest of us at Connie's dramatic entrance, considering it’s the first time the pair have met face-to-face since she kissed him in London before her operation.

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And it's fair to say fans of the BBC show were over the moon that Connie was back - if not a little surprised - with many rushing to Twitter to share their delight.

'Loved Connie being back with sass! #casualty', said one excited viewer.

In agreement, another fan wrote: 'Its absolutely horrible seeing Connie in that much pain. I love how she still has the sass thou #casualty'.

While a third added: 'CASUALTY #connie is my perfect lady #strong #glam #selfassured'.

And there was plenty more where that came from...

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Meanwhile, despite the odds not looking good for Ethan with Connie unexpectedly joining the panel, the doctor rose to the occasion and ended up successfully earning his role as a consultant.

And it looks like he's stepping into some big shoes next week, as Ethan takes charge of the whole ED as lead clinician in Connie's absence - with the official BBC Twitter account sharing a sneak peak of the upcoming episode.

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And we can't WAIT to see what happens!