Cathy Shipton: ‘It could be game on for Duffy and Charlie in Casualty’

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Duffy is back in Casualty. Cathy Shipton reveals romance could be on the cards for her and Charlie…

Duffy kicked ass in Casualty’s 30th anniversary special. Star Cathy Shipton explains why she’s happy to be back in Holby ED, and why it could be good timing for Duffy and Charlie…

We need to talk about last week’s 30th anniversary. How was it to be involved? "It was fantastic! The 30th year, the 31st series, and Charlie’s 30th anniversary of nursing – which was why Duffy was there, she was a guest at his celebration party."

We loved the reunion between Charlie, Duffy and Josh… "It was great they way they wrote that in. It was like the cavalry riding into town. Charlie, Duffy and Josh were old hands at the tiller calming everything down and bringing a sense of calm in a time of enormous panic. They got involved and stuck in!"

Charlie Josh Duffy

Nothing could stop the three medical musketeers riding to the rescue in Casualty's 30th (Image credit: Alistair Heap)

And now Duffy’s set to make a permanent return. Are you happy to be back? "I love the show and being asked to come back is a no-brainer. The strength of the Casualty team and their work is phenomenal. To be part of this team is very exciting."

What is the catalyst for Duffy’s return to the ED? "Duffy comes to the ED to say she’s off now her stint as an agency nurse in maternity is over. Elle doesn’t want her to leave and nurse Louise says she wants to learn from Duffy…"

… So Jacob ends up offering her a job – even though she stood up to him last week? "Oh yes, he’s the nursing lead now. There was never any love lost between Duffy and Jacob. She thinks he’s a bit full of himself. When he was out of order in the previous episode she didn’t hang back on confronting him on that. He’s a bit chastened and eating humble pie. He’s also emotionally invested in Connie and Grace."

So he could really do with her? "Well clinical lead Connie’s got a whole heap of problems to deal with at the moment…"

Are we going to see a strong relationship develop between Duffy, Elle and Louise? "The last time Duffy was in the ED her relationship with Elle really crackled as a pairing so hopefully that’s going to be developed. Also with Louise, Duffy’s mentoring her a bit. It’s great to see strong bonds being built among these women and have good female relationships. Duffy also has great professional respect for Connie, but whether that develops on a personal front, we’ll have to see."

What about Duffy’s relationship with Charlie? "At the moment you’ll see Duffy and Charlie (Derek Thompson) enjoy working alongside each other. Definitely, Derek and I are enjoying working together again too. We’re not sure of the nuts and bolts of Duffy’s relationship with her partner, so it could be game on!"


Catch Cathy’s permanent return to Casualty on BBC1, Saturday 3rd September


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