Charles Venn reveals the ‘horrible’ truth behind Jacob’s story in Casualty

Charles Venn as Jacob in Casualty
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Charles Venn reveals the full extent of Omo’s plight and why Jacob Masters has a fight on his hands in Casualty

Nurse Jacob Masters is reeling from revelations that dodgy Jet has moved into his mother’s home and is selling her essential medication to randomers in pubs. Jacob’s misery deepened last week in Casualty when he confronted Jet (Seroca Davis (opens in new tab)) only for mum Omo (Ellen Thomas (opens in new tab)) to tell him he was dead to her.

This week, Jacob turns to the police for help to no avail. Feeling lost and hopeless, friendship comes from a surprising quarter – timid nurse David Hide (Jason Durr (opens in new tab)).

We talked to Casualty star Charles Venn (opens in new tab) about the trials and tribulations facing his character Jacob .

Here Charles, 45, reveals the true extent of Omo’s sad situation in Casualty and why Jacob has a fight on his hands…

Jacob takes action this week and contacts the police about Jet and Omo. What can you reveal?

Charles Venn: "Jacob finds out that his mother is basically giving consent to this woman, Jet, to look after her and doesn’t want him anywhere near her. Jacob knows  there’s more to this woman than meets the eye. But Omo sees Jacob as the enemy and believes he is a threat."

Can the police help Jacob rescue his mother?

CV: "As far as the police are concerned so long as his mother has given consent to Jet to look after her and is happy to have her in the house, they have to abide by this. There’s nothing they can do. It’s called cuckooing and it’s horrible."

David proves a good listener when Jacob needs a friend

David proves a good listener when Jacob needs a friend (Image credit: BBC)

How does Jet manage to cuckoo Omo and keep Jacob from interfering?

CV: "Jet’s come in and taken advantage of Omo. She’s targeted Jacob’s mother because she’s a vulnerable pensioner. Basically it’s parasitic. Jet’s gained the trust of her victim. Omo believes Jet has her best interests at heart and is protecting her. She’s fallen for the con."

What’s happening inside Omo’s home?

CV: "Jet’s almost cocooned Omo into one particular part of the house and gives her the impression everything else is being done for her. Jet’s saying: ‘You just relax and stay in the room, I’ll take care of everything.’ Then what Jet’s doing is syphoning off her food, her money, and using the house as a drug spot to sell from."

What are Jacob’s options now the police can’t help him?

CV: "Jacob’s in an awkward and compromised position, where he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, because he’s fighting for somebody who doesn't want his help in the first place. It’s horrible!"

Rick Warden as ED inspector Ciaran Coulson. Sparks fly with Jacob, but will fists fly too?

Rick Warden as ED inspector Ciaran Coulson. Sparks fly with Jacob, but will fists fly too? (Image credit: BBC)

We understand work isn’t a refuge for Jacob either this week. Why does he clash with trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson (Rick Warden)?

CV: [Laughing] "When Jacob meets Ciaran they bump heads – to say the least! Let’s just say that Ciaran is someone Jacob feels suffers from Napoleon Complex. Ciaran is a man who wields his power in a very obnoxious manner and grates on a lot of people. Jacob tries not to lose his head with this raging, power hungry man. But they definitely clash! Rick (opens in new tab) is brilliant and makes the character his own."

Now Elle Gardner (Jaye Griffiths) has left Holby, who is there to support Jacob?

CV: "With Elle, his closest friend, gone it’s difficult for Jacob to talk about this. But he ends speaking to David and opening up. David’s a very good listener, and it’s much needed for Jacob. It’s lovely to see them in this episode."

Will desperate Jacob decide to take the law into his own hands? Find out in Casualty this Saturday on BBC1 at 9:05pm

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