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Check Out The Boys Season 2 Trailer

The Boys Promo Image
(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

After a wildly popular first season, Amazon Prime Video's The Boys will return with a second offering. With the not-so-surprising conclusion of season one out of the way (don't worry - no spoilers here), season two is free to let certain characters behave just as awfully as they may want. That means the series' already extreme "gloves off" mentality about superheroes is about to go even harder. 

Check out the new trailer for season two (which does contain some information you probably don't want if you haven't finished season one). 

While everything we see here is pretty expected, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Boys didn't become the smash hit it did by going against its roots. It wowed audiences by going against the superhero grain. That certainly wasn't for everyone, but if you're here it seems safe to assume that you're on board with the whole "superheroes suck, actually" vibe that they've got going on.

You can stream the new season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video starting September 4th.

And no, I won't be apologizing for the fact that this trailer just got "We Didn't Start the Fire" stuck in your head. You knew the risks.

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