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Check out this first look at Amazon Prime Video's new series 'Utopia'

The cast of Utopia, who are fighting a pandemic predicted in a graphic novel
The cast of Utopia, who are fighting a pandemic predicted in a graphic novel. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Next month Amazon Prime Video is set to release Utopia. The series is inspired by the British Channel 4 series of the same name and tells the tale of an underground graphic novel that predicts a pandemic. Yeah, I know, a little too on the nose there, Amazon.

That series originally aired back in 2013, so while the whole pandemic thing is new to all of us, it’s not a show based on our current situation.

The American version stars Rainn Wilson and John Cusack. The trailer is narrated by Cusack and starts with a shot of what appears to be a Comic-Con of sorts happening in a large venue.

“We all have our reasons for being it this world. We all have our purpose,” Cusack says. We then cut to an ominous shot of two men walking down what appears to be a hotel hallway with a bright yellow duffle bag. Afterward, the trailer introduces some of the other characters in the show, the comic, and Cusak who plays Dr. Kevin Christie, a famous bio technician. We also discover that everything in the comic, the viruses and the biowarfare, is actually real.

Check it out for yourself below.

From the clip, it looks like Rainn Wilson, who plays a scientist who helps to organize our ragtag group of heroes into fighting what’s happening through a series of antics — and fire!

The whole thing honestly has a bit more of a film vibe to it than a television series, but looks like a pretty interesting watch.

Utopia officially arrives on Amazon Prime Video on September 25th. where we can only hope we'll be a bit close to eradicating our own pandemic.

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