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Coronation Street actor Sam Aston reveals why he spends a lot of his time on set covered in SICK!

Sam Aston - Credit: Getty
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 10: Sam Aston attends the TRIC Awards at Grosvenour House Hotel on March 10, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images) (Image credit: Getty Images)

Coronation Street's Sam Aston tells us what it's like to play a dad of quads...

There's the age old saying that celebrities should never work with children or animals... in which case Coronation Street actor Sam Aston has really got it tough, because he's now working with four newborn babies!

Coronation Street fans have watched new parents Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter trying to adapt to a new way of life now they have four tiny babies to look after... but as always with the cobble's favourites, they are getting on with things, often with hilarious consequences.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Gemma Winter and Chesney are having quads!

Chesney and Gemma were shocked when they discovered they were having four babies! (Picture: ITV)

But What's On TV caught up with actor Sam, who has played loveable Chesney for the last 16 years, to find out what it was really like with so many babies on set...

"It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. They are so young and we bring them on to set, but most of the time they are asleep," he revealed.

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But with little babies involved with the filming, Sam admitted that the cast and crew at Coronation Street have to be more organised than ever... "You need to be on your A game with your lines, it’s all very real.

"We do a couple of rehearsals and when we’re ready to go for a take we bring the babies in. Sometimes we just use the dolls. It’s too much time for them to be on set, otherwise. 

Gemma and Chesney in Coronation Street

Gemma had a rocky pregnancy, but all four babies arrived safe and sound (Picture: ITV)

"We have had scenes where cribs are set up but because you don’t physically see them we don’t need to have the babies there. Scenes with all four babies in shot are quite rare - can you imagine what it'll be like when they are toddlers? That’ll be fun!"

But while the babies who play Gemma and Chesney's quads are very cute, working with newborns comes with its perils...

"We had a scene the other day, and the mum had just fed the baby and I was holding it. I could tell he was unsettled and then he was sick on me! It was only a bit so I just carried on with the scene because I thought this is what would happen. It made it that bit more real!

Gemma and Chesney in Coronation Street

Gemma and Chesney are adapting to life with four little ones to look after (Picture: ITV)

It’s nerve wracking for us because when you’ve got a young baby, they’re so fragile and delicate. I get a bit nervous holding them because I don’t want to drop them.

"I’m starting to feel a bit more confident now, thought. One of the ladies on set said I looked like a natural!"

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