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Coronation Street fans convinced they’ve worked out who roof collapse culprit is - are they right?

Coronation Street fans were watching last night's episodes very closely, and are convinced they know who is to blame for the roof collapse...

Last night's Coronation Street was packed full of drama as the Underworld factory roof collapsed, taking an unsuspecting Sally Metcalfe with it.

But it wasn't only Sally who found herself caught up in the disaster... almost the entire factory workforce were in the building at the time the roof caved in, meaning any one of them could be left fighting for their lives.

It's no secret that someone is going to meet a grisly end this week after being trapped in the roof wreckage, but last night Coronation Street fans were more concerned about who caused the tragedy in the first place.

Coronation Street factory collapse suspects

Coronation Street factory collapse suspects - but who is guilty?

At the start of Monday night's first episode, a mysterious hooded figure could be seen on the roof of the factory, causing damage to the already dodgy structure - but who was it?

Coronation Street have lined up Robert Preston, Gary Windass, Seb Franklin and Peter Barlow as potential suspects, and eagle-eyed fans think they have worked out who it is.

After keeping a close watch on the mystery figure dressed head-to-toe in black, fans have taken to social media to share their theory that they think Gary is the one to blame...

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Gary definitely seemed to fit the theory seeing as he was caught getting up very early by Gail Platt.

It might have been his birthday, but surely that wasn't what got him out of bed so early like Gail suggested?

Could he have got up at the crack of dawn to tamper with the factory roof and luckily made it home in time before Gail caught him?

Sarah is shocked at the inflated price Gary quotes David

Could Gary be the one who tampered with the factory roof?

Being the builder who fixed the roof recently, Gary would also certainly know what parts of the roof needed to be damaged in order to make it cave in.

Could fans be right and they have already cracked soapland's latest 'whodunnit'? Or is Gary simply a red herring, covering up who is really to blame?

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