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Coronation Street fans praise actor's 'beautiful work' at highlighting such an 'important' issue

Coronation Street Frank apologies to George.
Frank and George have dark history. (Image credit: ITV )

Coronation Street producers have never been afraid to highlight and explore topical issues on the show. But there's one recent storyline that's really struck a chord with fans — Frank Bardsley's bullying of George Shuttleworth.

Newcomer Frank (Simon O'Brien), who's a new love interest for Sean Tully in Coronation Street, was recently introduced to George at the Rover's Return, where it soon became apparent that they already know each other. 

George went on to confess all to partner Eileen Grimshaw in an emotional scene that Coronation Street fans are calling 'beautiful work'. Eileen insisted Frank apologised to George, which he went on to do, but it is still unclear whether they'll really be able to forget the past

An exhausted George Shuttleworth tells Eileen the truth.

An exhausted George Shuttleworth tells Eileen the truth. (Image credit: ITV)

While George was clearly upset by the altercation and physically flustered, new character Frank seemed unfazed.

Simon unpacked this further in an interview with Digital Spy (opens in new tab), explaining, "You get these characters in school, who will come to you in later years with a big smiley 'Hello' and you're thinking: 'Don't. You made my life a misery'.

"But they're utterly, utterly unaware. That's certainly the case with Frank, he just does not get the fact that he has traumatised George."

Fans were quick to praise actor Tony Maudsley for his performance, with one writing, "Awwww, George opening up about his bullied past highlights such an important subject. Beautiful work as ever, Mr Maudsley! #George #Corrie"

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"Ditto to that. Plays it so brilliantly, nice job @TonyMaudsley1," replied one fan. While another said, "So heartbreaking to watch. It stays with you."

While a third wrote, @It was lovely, very moving, I hope Damon from Brookie pays for his wrongdoing George!"

Another fan commented on the enduring effects of bullying and how it, "stays with you forever."

They wrote, "Glad they’re doing this story with George. Bullying stays with you forever. It’s disgusting. #Corrie."

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