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Coronation Street fans STUNNED as Bodyguard cop is investigating Cormac’s death!

Coronation Street spoilers: Cormac Hibbs collapses and dies after taking drugs!

Viewers do a double take as they spot that the same actor is playing a cop in Bodyguard and Corrie! And is looking into Cormac's death...

Coronation Street fans got a surprise on Friday night when Bodyguard actor Ash Tandon arrived on the scene following Cormac's death.

Over 10 million viewers watched Ash play DCI Deepak Sharma in Bodyguard as he helped David Budd (Richard Madden) find Julia Montague's killers in the hit drama’s nail-biting finale.

So many were bemused to see Ash suddenly appear in Corrie as a copper - and many joked that he seems to have been demoted! One wrote: “Has that copper done something bad n bin demoted he was a much higher rank in Bodyguard.” Another joked: “Blimey. DCI Deepak Sharma from Bodyguard was demoted quick.”

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Ash has actually played the role of PC Sam Daullah on and off for many years in Corrie. He made his first appearance as Sam way back in 2002 when he looked into the disappearance of Patricia Hillman, who had been killed by a certain Richard Hillman.

Ash in action as DCI Deepak Sharma in Bodyguard

From Bodyguard to Coronation Street! Here's Ash in action as DCI Deepak Sharma in Bodyguard

Ash, who's also enjoyed parts in Doctors, Hollyoaks and The Good Karma Hospital, recently told BBC Breakfast about his role in the soap, saying: “I’ve just finished filming five episodes of Coronation Street.

“There’s a dead body at the end of the month to investigate so…”

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) discovered Cormac dying after he took drugs, but didn’t call an ambulance. And this decision could cost him as next week Ryan is arrested.

As the drama continues, we’ll be seeing more of PC Sam.

Coronation Street returns on ITV this Monday at 7.30pm.