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Coronation Street’s James Burrows has landed his first role since quitting the cobbles

Ali Coronation Street, played by James Burrows
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Will you be sad to see Ali go?

Coronation Street star James Burrows has landed his first role since quitting his part playing Ali Neeson.

The actor's departure was revealed last month following a two year stint playing the doctor and he has already landed his next on screen venture.

With his final scenes on the soap set to air soon, the 28-year-old is preparing for his next part, starring alongside Jack O'Connell in the Shaun Ryder biopic, Twisting My Melon.

Chatting on the Talk Derby To Me podcast, James revealed, "Work's good, there's a lot of stuff going on at the minute.

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James' final scenes are set to air soon.

James' final scenes are set to air soon.

"Obviously Coronation Street, I've got a few other things, coming up in the near future which is very exciting.

"I've got the film, Twisting My Melon, which I'm going to do in March - got pushed back a little bit, but I believe it's happening in March.

"I've got a few exciting meetings going on. Can't say too much, it's highly confidential!"

Sounds like James has plenty of work in the pipe line.

Earlier this week the 28-year-old actor opened up about his decision to leave Corrie.

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James has played Ali for two years.

"As an actor that sort of character is great to play and I got to work with some amazing actors.

"But I came into acting to play different roles and explore a variety of characters so the time has come for me to move on," he told Digital Spy.

"I've had a fantastic few years on Coronation street, Ali is such a flawed character and so much has happened to him.

"To play such a complex character with so many flaws has been great. At the heart of it, though he was a good guy, he wanted to settle down and have a family but his upbringing and family history really meant that he had a lot of issues."