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Coronation Street legend talks cobbles return insisting character ‘has stories to tell’

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Could Curly Watts be heading back to the cobbles?

Former Coronation Street star Kevin Kennedy has revealed he thinks is cobbles character, Curly Watts, has got unfinished business in Weatherfield.

The actor, who played the much-loved character between 1983 and 2003, told The Mirror that he would love to return to the soap one day.

Kevin Kennedy Coronation Street

Kevin Kennedy played Coronation Street's Curly Watts for 20 years (Picture: Getty) (Image credit: Getty Images)

Speaking of returning, Kevin said: "I'd love to come back to Coronation Street. I still have a great relationship with ITV and I think Curly would have some stories to tell.

"It's a different soap from when I was in it, but when I joined it was a different show from 10 years before that.

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"It changes for the better I think, and deals with brilliant ideas and stories."

After being on Coronation Street for twenty years, Kevin quit the soap to focus on a music and theatre career.

But despite not being on the soap for 17 years, he admitted he still gets recognised in the street... "It's a real compliment. It means they remember your work - you can't ask for more than that."

Kevin Kennedy and Samia Longchambon

Kevin, seen here with Coronation Street's Samia Longchambon, would love to return to the cobbles (Picture: Getty) (Image credit: Getty Images)

The actor also spoke openly about his battle with alcohol addiction, which lead to him being written out of Coronation Street temporarily in 1998.

He left the soap for almost a month so that he could spend time at The Priory rehab clinic.

The actor has now been sober for 22 years, and claims the team at Coronation Street are behind his recovery.

Kevin said: "I will be forever grateful to ITV for sending me to rehab and giving me a chance."

Coronation Street will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV - see our TV Guide for listings.