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Coronation Street legend Sue Nicholls: Audrey used to be a 'bit common'!

Coronation Street character Audrey Roberts
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Sue Nicholls on how Audrey went from being a bit common to being rather grand!

Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls reckons her alter ego Audrey was a "bit common" when she first arrived on the cobbles!

Sue made her Corrie debut as Audrey 40 years ago, gate crashing daughter Gail’s engagement celebrations.

Gail and Audrey

Gail and Audrey have endured plenty of ups and downs over the years

Audrey’s first words were “Hello luv” and the rest is soap history.

“When Audrey first came into the show, she was a bit common,” Sue told TV Times.

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But Audrey later went upmarket when she married Alf Roberts (played by Bryan Mosley), a marriage tragically cut short when Alf died suddenly in 1999. “Then she went through the stage of being very grand because she met lovely Alf, who calmed her in one way but also gave her pretensions of being someone different.”

The 75-year-old actress continues that Audrey’s life now has a tragic tinge to it after the death of Audrey’s most recent love interest, conman Lewis Archer.

“Then she had all the other people in her life and now she doesn’t have anyone following the death of Lewis, who she thought was her future. It has been brilliant playing all those different stages.”

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Audrey has just suffered the bombshell that David and Nick stole her cash and next week David will be seen trying to make amends by giving her the barber’s shop.

Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt hands the barbershop over the Audrey

After stealing Audrey's cash, David tries to make amends next week by handing the barber shop over to Audrey

Aside from Corrie, Sue’s also appeared in many other shows including Rentaghost and The Legacy of Reginald Perrin.

Coronation Street is on at the later time of 9pm tonight.

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