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Coronation Street villain Geoff attacks Tim and Sally in shock twist tonight?

Coronation Street Geoff
Geoff was the husband of Elaine - formerly Philippa - for two years in the 70s

Coronation Street baddie Geoff is set to take another nasty turn...

Coronation Street tonight will see Geoff Metcalfe turn violent towards Sally and Tim in another shocking twist.

Viewers will already know that Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) has been shunned by his family after his abusive ways became apparent.

Sally and Geoff Coronation Street ITV

Geoff has been tormenting Sally for months (Picture: ITV)

Since then the scales have fallen from Tim's eyes and he has realised what a vile man his father is.

But tonight will see Geoff turn against Tim once again when Debbie Webster gets involved in their drama.

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Debbie stirs up trouble 

Fans will already know that Debbie has been working with Ray Crosby in his bid to destroy Coronation Street, and her lies continue in tonight's episode.

Geoff Alya Coronation Street

Geoff has been shunned by his family since his true colours were revealed... (Picture: ITV)

When Sally reveals tonight that Faye's new boyfriend is coming round, Debbie sneakily suggests that they throw a garden party.

Sally thinks it is a great idea, but as everyone waits for their guest of honour, Geoff heads out into his garden next door to cause trouble.

Cranking his music up, Geoff does his best to ruin the party next door, and the harder he tries, the more annoyed Tim gets.

Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Webster stokes the fire between Geoff and Sally

Geoff turns on Sally and Tim tonight when a garden party gets out of hand (Picture: ITV)

Egged on by scheming Debbie, Tim ends up fuming with his dad and launches a bucket of ice over him.

Things take a sinister turn 

However, Debbie isn't finished yet, and she calls at number 6 to stir up more trouble by telling Geoff that Sally has been bad mouthing him.

Debbie's plan works a charm and the next thing everyone sees is Geoff heading for Sally and Tim, dramatically wielding a spade.

Coronation Street Debbie

Debbie is working for Ray to destroy Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

With Sally and Tim clearly in danger, will anyone be able to stop Geoff before he does some serious damage?

With Geoff proving himself to be the neighbour from hell, will his actions cause Sally and Tim to sell up?

Are Ray and Debbie about to get one step closer to taking over the street?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV-  see our TV Guide for full listings.