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Corrie star Shelley King reveals she's been having bad dreams about Yasmeen abuse storyline

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

"I've had a lot of dreams about abandonment"

Coronation Street actress Shelley King has admitted that she has been having dreams "about abandonment" because of her current traumatic storyline on the smash hit ITV soap.

The telly star, who is known for her role of Yasmeen Metcalfe, has been playing out a heartbreaking coercive control plot, alongside her co-star Ian Bartholemew, who plays her abusive husband, Geoff.

The long running story has seen evil controller Geoff trick his wife into eating her beloved pet chicken and giving her chlamydia by cheating on her with escorts, all while controlling every aspect of her life.

Opening up on how she's able to act out the awful situation, Shelley said, "If Barty and I didn't get on well and didn't trust each other, I don't think we could explore this whole process.

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Geoff served Yasmeen a nasty meal.

"We have been calling each other and we miss each other during lockdown. Being at home has made me think about the storyline so much more."

Speaking to OK! magazine, Shelley admitted she had been having nightmares involving Ian and her partner Trilby.

"I've had a lot of dreams about abandonment. The people in them have changed so it's Barty, then a friend or a past relationship and then they turn into Trilby, even though it's nothing to do with her."

This comes after Trilby admitted that watching Shelley in the soap had given her bad dreams too.

"For me just watching Shelley actually has been difficult, I had a nightmare about it the other day but you know, I mean you know that's acting," she said on Loose Women.

"But if you're accessing things properly, truthfully, you are going to go to some kind of grim places."

Coronation Street continues on ITV.