Viewers left amazed as Corrie shares secret behind heartbreaking Jack Webster amputation storyline

Jack Webster, Coronation Street

Little Jack Webster has had to face the life-changing reality of a leg amputation.

For Coronation Street viewers, watching as little Jack Webster was forced to undergo a leg amputation after suffering from sepsis has proven one of the soap's toughest storylines of recent weeks.

In scenes airing over the past month, fans have been left devastated as Kevin Webster was forced to make the tough decision for his seriously ill young son.

Kevin Webster, Jack Webster, Coronation Street

But now, viewers have been left amazed, as the soap has revealed exactly how the team managed to portray Jack's life-changing amputation.

Posting on the Corrie Twitter account, the soap shared a minute-long clip of the Webster family in hospital, watching as Jack took his first tentative moves into his new wheelchair.

Sharing how they were able to create the image of a leg amputation on Jack, played by Kyran Bowes, the clip switched between the image portrayed on screen, and how the scene looked whilst being filmed in real-life - before special effects were applied.

The lower end of Kyran's leg was wrapped in a special green bandage, which the FX team were able to edit out in post-production to create the look of the amputation.

Take a look at the impressive work that helped to create the scene...

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Corrie fans were left undeniably impressed by the way the image was created - and praised both the team and actor Kyran for the impressive work.

One viewer wrote, 'It was truly amazing. We were sat watching and couldn't work out how it was done! Outstanding !', while another agreed, 'Well done for the special effects, but wouldn't have work without the brilliant acting 👏👏😁'.

A third fan said, 'That is really impressive! And thanks for showing how the post-production team work their magic, as I did wonder. Definitely a “big up” to them. 👏🏽👏🏽'.

While a fourth also commented, 'Wow so clever and brilliantly done👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 well done to the team and the amazing Kyran Bowes for his brilliant acting👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾'.

The soap has also been continually praised for the difficult sepsis storyline, for shedding light on the very real, and serious, issue.

One fan wrote on social media, '#sepsis was something that hit my wife 2 years ago. Corrie raises an important issue superbly written and acted as per usual. And the NHS are ace.'

While another agreed, 'I really praise @itvcorrie for doing a Sepsis storyline, it's not talked about enough 👏 #corrie'.

Have you been left impressed by the way Coronation Street have handled Jack's difficult sepsis storyline?

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