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The Crown star Victoria Hamilton: 'I can't wait for people to see series two' (VIDEO)

victoria hamilton

The actress who plays the Queen Mother in the Netflix series says filming has just finished on series two

The Crown star Victoria Hamilton is excited about people seeing series two of the hit Netflix series, which has just finished shooting.

Victoria plays the Queen Mother in the drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and she told What's on TV at the Bafta TV Awards: "It's as rich and as detailed and as extraordinary as series one was. It's moving into the 60s, so... it's very much about that very modern encroaching world and the world that is the establishment of the Crown. There's obviously a lot more exploration of certain members of the Royal Family and their stories. It's wonderful. I can't wait for people to see it."

Filming a 10-part epic like The Crown required patience, but Victoria said: "...But one of the things I think everyone will say it's one of the happiest jobs we've worked on. They're all just a genuinely lovely bunch of people. You're surrounded by, whether it's the designer, the costume designer, the DOP, the director, the actors, everyone is so at the top of the their game that you just do spend most of your time watching people doing their thing thinking, 'Oh my god, you're just brilliant.'"

She said she read a lot of books and letters to prepare for the role of the Queen Mother: "But there does come a point you realise that your job is to bring to life the character that Peter Morgan has written, and it's his version of the Queen Mother. As much as the factual stuff can be very helpful, eventually you have to put it to one side and bring to life the person on the page in front of you."

The Crown lost to Happy Valley in the best drama category at the Bafta TV Awards.