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Friends fans loving David Schwimmer appearing on CBeebies Bedtime Stories!

David Schwimmer
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From Ross Geller to CBeebies!

David Schwimmer is set to read children to sleep on CBeebies popular evening series Bedtime Stories, and we're sure plenty of adults will want to tune in too.

Most recently, David has been filming six-part Sky One comedy series Intelligence, which follows an NSA teaming up with a computer analyst to form a new cyber crimes unit in the UK's Government Communications Headquarters.

And now he's joining the CBeebies team, where he'll be reading Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's book The Smeds and The Smoos.

It tells a story about two star-crossed aliens who fall in love despite their families oppositions. Think Romeo and Juliet, but a lot more child friendly!

The exciting news was confirmed by the official CBeebies Grown-Ups Twitter account, which provides plenty of information for UK parents everywhere.

It says, "David Schwimmer reads a #CBeebies #BedtimeStory as… HE WAS ON A BREAK! 😜

"Join us for The Smeds and the Smoos by #JuliaDonaldson on 22nd February 🙌 @DavidSchwimmer"

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Fans seem very happy with the newest addition to the Bedtime Stories programme, with many taking to Twitter to voice their approval. One wrote, "This is a must-watch!! For the kids obviously!! 😂"

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Another added, "Being a parent just peaked"

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A third said, "Yesssss!!!!! Made my day already!!!! 💖"

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And a fourth agreed, adding, "Yesssssssss love him"

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Friends favourite David Schwimmer joins a long line of celebrity guests who've all read bedtime stories to children across the nation.

Peaky Blinders star Tom Hardy impressed many when he had his Bedtime Stories debut, and has since appeared multiple times to read to children (and their parents!).

Other famous faces include Frozen star Idina Menzel, Sir Elton John, Eddie Redmayne, and Dolly Parton, making it a star-studded addition to children's programming.

No wonder some grown ups love it just as much as their children do.

David Schwimmer’s Bedtime Stories episode will air on 22nd February at 6.50pm on CBeebies.