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Death in Paradise’s Sara Martins: Should I stay or should I go?

Death in Paradise viewers witnessed talented DS Camille Bordey drop a major bombshell on her besotted boss DI Humphrey Goodman on Thursday – she’s been offered a job in Paris!

Next week we discover whether Camille decides to stay on the idyllic island of Saint Marie with her friends and mother Catherine, or give it all up to return to her undercover roots in Paris.

Sara Martins explained to What’s on TV why the adventurous detective is in two minds about staying or going: “Camille’s a very modern women. She’s enthusiastic and warm, and also strong and ambitious. She is curious about going back to an undercover job in Paris.

“She’s faced with the difficult choice of staying in a comfortable and happy position, or risking everything for a new challenge.”

We can reveal, however, there’s a twist in the tale. While Camille weighs up the pros and cons, she has no idea the decision may be taken out of her hands! Humphrey (Kris Marshall) has the power to refuse to sign Camille's confidential release papers, ultimately blocking the transfer without her ever knowing!

Viewers can expect to see Humphrey wrestle with his conscience when the episode screens on BBC1 on Thursday, January 29. There’s also a strong possibility Humphrey will finally come clean to his colleague about his feelings for her…

Sara said: “Although the audience knows Humphrey is in love with Camille, she doesn’t. Camille just thinks there’s something wrong with him when he tries to tell her. It makes his behaviour seem even weirder to her!”

Sara remained tight-lipped about the outcome of next week’s episode: “We like to give the audience big surprises with the characters in between murders!”