Death in Paradise spoilers: Neville to quit in series finale

Neville and Naomi by the sea in Death in Paradise
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The latest Death in Paradise spoilers reveal that DI Neville Parker will tell The Commissioner he's quitting in the series finale.

In the show’s biggest twist since DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) was murdered back in the third series, it was revealed in episode seven that Neville's beloved girlfriend Sophie was in fact behind the brutal murder of David Cartwright (Patrick Kennedy).

Neville was in jail for the crime himself when he suddenly realized that the only person who had the opportunity to be the killer was Sophie.

He confronted Sophie, who confessed to the crime and revealed how much she hated Neville, who she blamed for the death of her sister.

The latest spoilers for Death in Paradise season 12 reveal that Neville struggles with Sophie's betrayal and tells The Commissioner he intends to leave Saint Marie in order to escape her memory.

Chelsea Edge and Ralf Little in character as Sophie and Neville in Death In Paradise. They are looking into each other's eyes and smiling. Sophie has one arm resting on Neville's shoulder, and is holding up an umbrella with her other hand.

Neville can't believe he failed to spot Sophie was a cold-hearted killer (Image credit: BBC/Red Planet Pictures)

Ralf Little has also spoken out about the fact that Neville might now exit Saint Marie and the show.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: "Episode eight is entirely about Neville desperately trying to come to terms with the betrayal and the emotional fallout from that. And on a professional level, he's really questioning his own abilities now."

He added: "He says at some point, 'I had a murderer living in my own house and I didn't see it. I didn't see any of it coming. I’m supposed to be a detective and I just let it all happen.'

"So he's really, really beating himself up and he's really in a bad place and frankly, he's not even sure anymore if he's up to the job. And that has ramifications for whether or not he is worthwhile to the team anymore.”

We can see that being a cop and failing to spot your girlfriend is a cold-hearted killer might cause you to rethink your career. She was even mean to Harry the Lizard!

However, we do know that the team will rally around Neville and they certainly don’t think he should quit. Even The Commissioner, who’s never been Neville’s biggest fan, came to his aid during episode seven.

So, will Neville go? Or will he stay? You'll have to watch as the series concludes on Friday to find out!

Death in Paradise ends on Friday on BBC One at 9 pm.

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