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Devastation as SHOCK TWIST brings this Neighbours favourite's world crashing down

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(Image credit: Kris Dollman)

There's drama in Neighbours when Leo Tanaka finds his world turned upside down thanks to a chance meeting with a random stranger...

Neighbours' Leo Tanaka is about to learn the hard way that you shouldn't share your personal information with a stranger today as his one-night-stand Carmen does a runner with all his money.

Neighbours fans have seen newcomer Carmen take a shine to Leo whilst he worked his magic on cocktails at the Back Lane Bar, and it seemed that even handsome millionaire Pierce Greyson couldn't distract her from her new crush.

But today it turns out there is a reason Carmen turns down Pierce in favour of Leo, and that's because she is targeting Mr Tanaka for a scam.

Neighbours, Pierce Greyson, Carmen Del Close

Mystery lady Carmen turned down Pierce for Leo... but she's got a plan (Picture: Channel 5)

Leo couldn't believe his luck when Carmen turned on the charm and agreed to head home with him for the night in yesterday's Neighbours, and as the morning after the night before arrives, Leo is clearly smitten.

But as Carmen works her magic with all of Leo's housemates today, it is clear everyone is falling for her charm, not just Leo.

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However, it seems Leo is about to trust this random stranger he has known for less than 24 hours a little too much when he asks her to help him with the Back Lane Bar accounts.

While Carmen might be an accountant by trade, and certainly seems to know what she is talking about when it comes to Leo's finances, it seems she has more interest in his accounts than she should.

Neighbours, Leo Tanaka, Carmen Del Close

Leo makes the huge error of letting Carmen look at his accounts (Picture: Channel 5)

It is only when everyone else is out and Leo is in the shower that Carmen's true colours are revealed when she starts to log into Leo's computer and go through his online banking.

It's only when Ned Willis makes a surprise appearance that Carmen is almost caught out... especially when Ned seems to think he might know her from somewhere.

The dodgy businesswoman brushes off Ned's claims that he recognises her, and does her best to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

Neighbours, Ned Willis

Ned recognises Carmen, but he can't work out why (Picture: Channel 5)

But it is only when Leo emerges from the shower and finds Carmen has done a runner that he realises something is amiss...

It doesn't take long for Leo to realise his night of passion has cost him more than he could have ever imagined when he finds his bank account is empty.

But who was the mysterious Carmen, and why does Ned think he knows her?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5