Did Physical: 100 just tease a second season?

View of several Physical: 100 contestants from the back
Could Physical: 100 be back for more? (Image credit: Netflix)

Physical: 100 just crowned its first winner in a tense season finale which might have just teased that we could be seeing more from the Korean Netflix original in the future.

Whilst we haven't heard anything official from the streaming service, Physical: 100's mysterious announcer did make it clear that the search for the ultimate physique might not have come to an end just yet.

After we watched our final five Physical: 100 contestants duke it out for that huge cash prize (we won't spoil who won just yet) and heard from our winner at the end of the episode, the mysterious voice that's been running the show said: "various physiques exist in this world. Our search for the perfect physique will continue." 

The whole show was designed to whittle down the group of 100 contestants to find one survivor with the perfect balance of speed, strength, endurance, balance and willpower. However, these comments definitely could suggest that that search might not be over.

There's clearly an appetite for more, as plenty of Physical: 100 fans have already been crying out for news of season 2, so Netflix could be tempted to bring the series back for more action. Whatever happens, at least we've got Squid Game: The Challenge coming along to scratch the reality survival itch later down the line.

What happened in the Physical: 100 season finale? 

Physical: 100 contestants rolling boulders uphill during the Punishment of Sisyphus trial

We finally got to see who survived the Punishment of Sisyphus trial, and our winner was revealed. (Image credit: Netflix)

*Spoilers for Physical: 100 ahead - don't read on if you're not caught up*

The Physical: 100 season finale started by revealing that cyclist Jung Hae-min managed to outlast competition frontrunner Yun Sung-bin to bag the final spot in the line-up of five finalists alongside Jo Jin-hyeong, Woo Jin-yong, Park Jin-yong and Kim Min-cheol

From there, the five stars took on a series of elimination games for Quest Five. First up was a five-way tug-of-war where the contestants were strapped to harnesses and tied together; they had to try and reach a key and unlock themselves, and the last person was out. 

Kim Min-cheol was just narrowly beaten by Woo Jin-yong, so he was out first. In game two, the four contestants were put into teams and tasked with flipping a series of colored tiles on the floor over in a head-to-head contest; the team with the most tiles on their side won, and then the losing team took one another on to decide the remaining survivor; this is where Jo Jin-hyeong slipped up.

In game three, the survivors ran shuttle runs between two bells in increasingly shorter timed intervals. Park Jin-yong and Jung Hae-min were fairly evenly matched, but Hae-min just managed to outlast him.

For the final game, Woo Jin-yong and Jung Hae-min stood facing one another and were tasked with "infinite rope-pulling". Both had to unreel a long, heavy rope; the first contestant to reach the end of their rope would win the competition, Physical: 100's huge cash prize and the privilege of smashing the other survivor's torso statuette. 

It was a hard-fought competition, but snowboard cross competitor Woo Jin-yong managed to outpace Jung Hae-min and walked away 300 million Won richer after being crowned the fittest survivor. 

The first full season of Physical: 100 is now available to stream on Netflix if you want to relive the competition. And if you're looking for more international shows to stream, why not check out our guide to the best Korean dramas on Netflix that you should be watching?

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