DirecTV Now is now ... AT&T TV Now

What you need to know

• DirecTV Now is becoming AT&T TV Now.

• But it's separate from AT&T TV.

• Even though they'll both use the same logins.

Because apparently "DirecTV Now" wasn't a enough of a mouthful — never mind the fact that there's also AT&T TV, and AT&T Watch TV — AT&T has decided to rebrand the flailing streaming service.

The name? AT&T TV Now.

So to recap: DirecTV Now is now AT&T TV Now. On it you're able to watch all kinds of live channels, now, in addition to catching on-demand content later. Or now. Whenever you want, really.

That also includes your local channels, of course. Those are good for the now, but not for later, because of how things work. (For that, you'll want a good over-the-air DVR box like Tablo TV, which allows you to watch OTA TV now in addition to later.)

AT&T TV Now lives on in conjunction with the AT&T TV service that AT&T is now trailing — it's a separate piece of hardware that will use the same credentials as AT&T TV Now.

Now, this also is different from the upcoming HBO Max service. We mention that because HBO Max is owned by AT&T (via WarnerMedia), which also owns AT&T TV Now and AT&T TV. But neither of those is HBO Max.

AT&T says that the new AT&T TV app will be available on whatever app store it is you use on your platform, and that current DirecTV Now customers will see their apps update automatically.

No word, however, if that means we'll finally get an Android TV app . But here's to hoping.