'Doctor Who: Flux' fans can't wait to see this character return

Doctor Who season 13 episode four
The Doctor and co. explored the village of Medderton which was under siege by Weeping Angels in the latest episode of 'Doctor Who'. (Image credit: BBC Studios/James Pardon)

Some Doctor Who fans were calling Village of the Angels one of the best episodes of the show, but it seems like viewers are even more excited for what's about to happen in the penultimate episode.

*spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Doctor Who*

Just one week after Chris Chibnall shocked us by bringing back Jo Martin's Fugitive Doctor in Doctor Who season 13, he proved he wasn't giving up on bringing back beloved characters. There was another shocking reveal in the trailer for episode five of the latest season!

In the first look at Survivors of the Flux teased at the end of the episode, things seem pretty dire. Yaz and Dan have been stuck in the past for three full years following the Weeping Angel attack, and the Lupari shield around Earth is no longer fully secure.

However, there was one truly exciting reveal: the return of Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave)! Kate was the leader of UNIT and a staunch ally of the Doctor for many years but we haven't seen her on-screen for six years now.  

You can watch the teaser for next time below:

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The teaser makes it look as though Kate will be facing off against Craig Parkinson's nefarious Grand Serpent who we saw stood in front of an abandoned TARDIS. Although we don't know what Kate's return will look like, could this mean UNIT will reopen after it closed off-screen in 2019 due to budget cuts? 

Whatever Kate's return means for Doctor Who, fans were understandably very hyped for this reveal, as it could mean big things for the show, and they took to Twitter to share their excitement very quickly.

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It looks like Earth could use all the help it could get right now, though. As of episode four, the Doctor's been transformed into a Weeping Angel, Yaz and Dan are stuck in the past and now the Grand Serpent seems to have his sights set on Earth. At this point, it feels impossible to predict what's going to happen next; will the Doctor be okay? We'll have to wait to find out...

Doctor Who: Flux continues this Sunday at 6:25 pm on BBC 1 and BBC iPlayer in the UK. In the US, the latest episode airs at 8:00 pm ET.

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