The Durrells' Callum Woodhouse and Daisy Waterstone: 'The Greek actors get us free drinks!" (VIDEO)

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Watch stars Callum Woodhouse and Daisy Waterstone spill some of the secrets behind filming ITV drama The Durrells in Corfu...

While filming The Durrells in Corfu, the cast are often out together and stars Callum Woodhouse (Leslie) and Daisy Waterstone (Margo) reveal they're close-knit bunch.

“We’re always together," said Daisy. "There’s not a moment we’re not together except when we go to the loo or have showers!”

Callum added: “We’re pretty inseparable!”

The Greek actors were especially helpful in showing the Brits about Corfu, which had some big benefits.

“Yes Yorgos [Karamihos, who plays Theo] does show us about!” explained Callum. “He’s like a food buff and shows us all the different restaurants to go to. And Alexis [Georgoulis, who plays Spiros] just takes us to places to get free drinks…”

“Which we’re always up for of course!” added Daisy.

The pair both play characters younger than they are – Callum is 24, playing Leslie who’s 18, and Daisy is 23, playing Margo who is 16 – so we asked them about the challenge of being teenagers again on screen.

“I’m used to it,” said Daisy. “Because I’m always playing character younger then me. Me and Cal are just six months apart so we’re closer in age than our Durrells characters. We’re like twins! It was only a few years ago we were that age. In my brain I’m still like 12!”

Callum added: “We've both been that age and it’s not such a distant memory.”

Having high tea in the sea was an amazing scene in the first series of The Durrells, and the pair revealed there are more arresting set pieces to come in this series.

“There’s a cricket match, and we’re introduced to the ‘Rose-Beetle’ man, who is famous from the book,” said Callum. “He’s in a really beautiful scenes.”

Daisy added: “Yes, that made Keeley (Hawese) cry when they were filming it, and Keeley’s like so strong, but found it so beautiful.”

Both Callum and Daisy give their take on the Durrell family's new enemy, landlady Vasilia (Errika Bigiou).

"She’s a wonderful character, and Errika who plays her is fabulous,” said Daisy. "The family do rally together to try to stop her.”

The Durrells continues on ITV, every Sunday at 8pm


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