Is THIS EastEnders character in trouble following Shakil’s death?

EastEnders - Will Dennis Keegan
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Bonnie Langford has revealed there may be more heartbreak in store on Albert Square…

With the residents of Albert Square still reeling from Shakil’s shock death, Bonnie Langford – who plays Carmel – has suggested the trouble’s not over yet.

But Bonnie has hinted little Dennis Rickman could be next. She told Daily Star: ‘Denny, the little boy played by Bleu, he’s not necessarily in Shaki’s group and he starts to get frightened because he’s trying to grow up.

‘You know, it’s that whole thing of when you’re young and you think you’re invincible and then suddenly down the road something happens and you think, “Oh, I just can’t fall over and get up again, I might not”, and trying to get that realisation of what life is.’

On Friday night viewers watched as Carmel and her neighbours gathered to pay their last respects to her son after he was involved in a fatal stabbing.

Viewers took to Twitter afterwards to praise the show, with one writing: ‘Congratulations @bbceastenders brilliantly done.’ Another said: ‘Emotional and tough viewing. Felt for all the families that are affected by knife crime. To all involved in Shakil’s storyline, you have approached in the most dignified manner. Amazing work to all involved.’