EastEnders fans “disgusted” by the Carter family’s behaviour – but predict a secret twist!

EastEnders Linda
Linda has some questions to answer (Image credit: BBC)

Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders saw Linda Carter finally regain consciousness.

However, it was what happened next got the big reaction from fans.

Linda has been unconscious since she was involved in a car crash.

Her love rival Janine was driving at the time. But after the crash Janine popped Linda in the driving seat – then fled before the emergency services arrived.

Since then, the Carter family have been under the impression that Linda drove while drunk ­with her baby daughter Annie in the back of the car.

EastEnders Linda in hospital

Linda had to face her family (Image credit: BBC)

When Linda finally woke up during Wednesday’s episode, it seemed she couldn’t remember Janine’s part in the accident, but she did admit must have had a drink in the car.

And then, confused and unsure, she also agreed that she must have driven the car while drunk.

Sickened at having their worst fears confirmed, the family – Mick, Nancy, Frankie and Shirley – all left the hospital room.

Linda was left alone, devastated that her family abandoned her.

EastEnders Shirley at hospital

The Carters ditched Linda sharpish (Image credit: BBC)

And she wasn’t the only one that wasn’t happy. Viewers felt that the family’s actions weren’t right.

Meanwhile, some felt the story didn’t make a lot of sense, especially as the clan had known this was most likely what had happened.

“Find it kinda disgusting that they could all just walk out on Linda like that,” said one.

Meanwhile, another queried: “The Carters knew before Linda had a lot of alcohol in her blood and she was found in the driver’s seat. What did they think happened?”

While viewers struggled to swallow the story, it did lead to one major event – Mick’s anger saw him and Janine fall into a passionate embrace as they slept together for the first time.

However, fans did wonder if there might be another twist – that Linda is pretending not to remember Janine’s involvement in the crash while she bides her time to work out what to do.

“I’m hoping that Linda got her memory back when she saw Janine and is faking her amnesia,” said one.

While another agreed: “Tick tock, Janine – Linda knows everything and is biding her time.”

EastEnders Mick and Janine

Passion at last for Mick and Janine (Image credit: BBC)

Has Janine finally snared Mick just as she’s about to be exposed?

EastEnders screens Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.


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