EastEnders fans left reeling by a veteran character’s appearance as they return

EastEnders Albert Square sign
An old star had a new look in EastEnders. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers were left in a right lather during Tuesday’s episode when Sharon returned from her trip to the US.

The Square stalwart was last seen in EastEnders at the end of April, as she made an emergency dash to see her half-sister Vicky Fowler.

However, Tuesday saw her return to Albert Square unexpectedly. 

Sharon arrived back at her house, and explained to Jada that she “felt a million years old after wrestling with a toddler 30,00 feet in the air.” 

She also mentioned that her two-hour cab journey back from the airport had been an added trial.

EastEnders Sharon

Sharon came home looking happy and healthy. (Image credit: BBC)

However, tired or jet-lagged was not how EastEnders fans thought she looked.

And as for a million years old?

Well, fans thought that was well off the mark – by about 999,982 years!

“Sharon looks so beautiful, she could easily pass for 18,” said one shocked viewer.

“Sharon looks younger every time she appears on screen… I WANT HER SECRETS!” exclaimed another.

EastEnders Sharon

Sharon's glow-up won approval! (Image credit: BBC)
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EastEnders Sharon

Sharon might have trouble ahead. (Image credit: BBC)

Indeed, it seemed actress Letitia Dean’s month-long break from filming had done her the world of good, as she retuned to the show looking thoroughly refreshed.

As for Sharon, well she may lose that post-holiday glow rather quickly — as she has returned to big drama.

In the hours before Sharon arrived back, Jada and Zak headed on a day out together.

Zack was trying to cheer Jada up after she lost her job at the salon.

EastEnders Jada Zack

Jada made her move on Zack. (Image credit: BBC)

After their trip to the Tower of London, the pair came home happy.

However, when Nancy had a go at Zack for not heading the letting agent as she had promised, Jada was quick to tell Zack she didn’t deserve him.

She then tried to kiss him, Zack pulling away immediately and trying to brush it off. 

However, it was clear Jada was smarting from the rejection.

Sharon was barely in the door two minutes before Jada revealed that Zack has kissed her, leaving Sharon reeling.

How will Sharon respond? And what is Jada's game?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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