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EastEnders fans question whether this character is DEAD after furious argument

Max and Rainie argue with Ian and Cora
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

The soap re-created an iconic scene in last night's episode.

Fans of EastEnders were left in confusion after last night's episode, which saw mum and daughter duo Cora and Rainie Cross finally come to blows after a tense few weeks.

And many were left wondering whether long-time character Rainie had been killed off of the soap, after the pair got embroiled in an angry fight.

Cora and Rainie were having a furious discussion over the custody of baby Abi, with both women adamant that the other would not take her.

Towards the end of the episode, Max Branning turned up at Ian Beale's house to take the child away from Cora, who had been insistent that she keep Abi.

Cora had been trying to ensure Max and Rainie don't get custody of the child, by exposing their fake marriage to the world, and sharing the revelation that Rainie actually slept with Max's brother, Jack Branning.

But while Rainie had come over to try and make peace with her mother, Cora clearly had different ideas. When Rainie insisted that the pair talk over the issue calmly, Cora simply said, "Over my dead body" - before proceeding to pick up a frying pan and hit her daughter over the head with it!

Rainie promptly fell to the floor with a loud thud, leaving EastEnders viewers questioning whether she was dead.

One wrote on Twitter, "Is Rainie dead???? #EastEnders"

While another said, "Wtf happened with Rainie is she dead or not? #EastEnders".

The answer wasn't revealed at the end of the episode, so fans will have to tune in to the next one to discover Rainie's fate!

The rather odd scene also reminded some viewers of a rather legendary Eastenders episode from the 90s. Many commented on social media that it was very similar to the moment when Pauline Fowler hit her husband Arthur over the head with a frying pan in the very same spot, back in 1993, after discovering his affair.

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One loyal viewer commented, "Pauline gave Arthur a battering with a frying pan in the same place! #EastEnders"

And another wrote, "Pauline to Arthur, Hayley to Jean now Cora to Rainie!", while a third even recounted the dialogue in the iconic scene, commenting, "GET AWAY FROM ME ARTHUR (WALLOP!) #EASTENDERS".

The episode however ended on a sad note, with baby Abi being taken away from Max, and Cora, by social services.