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'EastEnders' favourite Nancy Carter left fighting for her life after sickening car crash next week

EastEnders: Nancy Carter discovers her divorce has been finalised
EastEnders' Nancy is left fighting for her life in hospital after a shocking accident next week. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders has revealed there is tragedy heading to the Carter family next week when Nancy finds herself the victim of a horrific hit and run — but little does she know it is her half-sister Frankie Lewis who is behind the wheel. 

The shocking accident comes after Mick (Danny Dyer) realises Frankie is feeling down and could do with some cheering up. 

Doing his dad duty, Mick organises some driving lessons for Frankie with Zack, and she couldn't be happier at the prospect of spending some alone time with Sharon's little brother. 

Mick Carter asks Zack Hudson to give his daughter a driving lesson in EastEnders

Mick asks Zack to give Frankie a driving lesson next week, but it is a decision that will come back to haunt him.  (Image credit: BBC)

When the time for the lesson arrives, Sharon is surprised when Frankie arrives dressed up to the nines, looking more like she is going on a date than for a driving lesson.

As always, Zack's mind isn't really on the job, and instead of teaching Frankie how to do a three-point turn, he suggests they head to the pub. But once they're there, Zack gets drunk — not really the done thing when you're meant to be teaching someone to drive!

Not used to driving in the dark, Frankie is nervous as she gets behind the wheel to come home, and soon things take a sinister turn when she hits something on the road. Frankie's blood runs cold when she gets out of the car to find Nancy lying motionless in the street.

Frankie Lewis sees Mick's victim's impact statement in EastEnders

Frankie is set to be horrified by the accident.  (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders' Nancy in hospital dash 

Sobering up fast, Zack calls an ambulance and lies that he found someone lying in the street unconscious. As the police arrive, Zack recounts his story, and Nancy is rushed to the hospital.

A panicked Linda (Kellie Bright) and Mick rush to A&E to be with their daughter and Zack is plagued by guilt over the whole ordeal. Later Shirley and Frankie arrive, but Nancy is still unconscious and Frankie is distraught over what they have done.

Desperate to come clean, Frankie is a woman on the edge... however, Zack reminds her that they could both go to prison if the truth came out. Instead, Zack suggests they'll just have to pray that Nancy doesn't remember anything when she comes round.

But will Nancy ever wake up? With Zack and Frankie harbouring a terrible secret, how long will it be before the truth comes out?

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