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EastEnders fans beg BBC to screen CLASSIC episodes after coronavirus cuts

(Image credit: BBC)

Sounds like a plan!

EastEnders fans were left bitterly disappointed yesterday when it was revealed that the BBC will only be showing two episodes a week.

BBC bosses announced that filming for the East London based telly favourite would be halted in light of growing concerns surrounding the worldwide health crisis.

Epiodes of the show have been cut from four a week to two a week, with Thursday's and Friday's instalments being scrapped until further notice.

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On the EastEnders Twitter account, a post read, "In light of the spread of Covid-19, filming on #EastEnders will be postponed until further notice... We have also taken the decision to reduce the amount of episodes we broadcast each week to two. Episodes will now air on Mondays, 8pm and Tuesdays, 7.30pm."

Naturally, heaps of loyal viewers were left gutted by the news.

One social media user posted, "Ahhh man. Self isolation is gonna even worse now but wise decision to stop filming and space them out!"

While another chipped in, "I actually don’t think I can cope with only two episodes per week!!"

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Meanwhile, other innovative fans were keen to suggest a solution to the missing episodes, with lots calling for old showings of the soap with classic characters to be broadcasted instead.

"Could you guys show older, memorable Eastenders episodes from years gone by in the eastenders time slots for thursdays and fridays? i think it may help lift spirits," one asked.

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Fans would love to see some classic episodes with the likes of Grant and Peggy (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

"Can you do old episodes as someone below suggested ? my fave was Peggy and Pat getting pi**ed in the Ice Cream Van wearing gummy rings on their fingers," added another.

A third agreed, "Can you launch ‘Classic Episodes’ in the absence of new episodes? Replace Tuesday & Friday episodes with iconic episodes to keep us all going??"

And a fourth requested one seriously iconic plot to be re-run, "I'd happily re-watch old storylines - like half an hour episodes with all the scenes from the Ronnie's baby swap storyline, for example."