Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' is now both an Oscar ballad and a Biden Get-Out-The-Vote anthem

Marshal Mathers in 8 Mile.
Marshal Mathers in 8 Mile. (Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Remember The Oscars? It's possible that you don't, since they happened approximately 22 million years ago 2020 time. All the same, they featured a performance by Eminem that raised a few eyebrows. The rapper took the stage to sing his smash-hit 'Lose Yourself' several years after the song won an Oscar due to his inability to attend the year it won (and the awards show needing some content).

Now, the infamous Marshall Mathers has given the Biden campaign permission to use his song to help inspire people to get out to vote.  

Mathers isn't the first artist to grant the Biden campaign permission to use their music. A formerly apolitical Taylor Swift allowed her song "Only the Young" to be used, while the Beastie Boys allowed use of "Sabotage." All of these are noteworthy, of course, because the Biden campaigns actually been asking for permission to use the music.

All three songs are exactly the kind of inspiring folks need right now, whether they need nudged to the polls or just need an anthem to get behind while they find themselves scared (or angry). The ad using "Sabotage" was pulled due to complaints from Trump supporters, but both the Get-Out-The-Vote and the video trying to remind young voters of their power remain up. 

Amelia Emberwing

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