Emmerdale begins a new relationship between two characters – and fans are loving it!

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Who's forming a new bond in the village? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale on Thursday night saw the seeds of a new friendship being sown. And it was a pairing that viewers definitely approved of.

Wednesday night’s episode had seen Mary try and strike up a conversation with Kim at The Hide.

Kim made it clear she wasn’t in the mood for chit chat, but this just left Mary all the keener.


Emmerdale Kim and Mary

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On Thursday, after a chat with Rhona about her encounter, Mary was determined to find out about Kim.

Luckily, Mary had the scarf that Kim left behind at The Hide, which gave her the perfect opportunity to check out Kim – and her house.

So, Mary popped up to Home Farm, invited herself in and before Kim knew what was happening, Mary had scrounged a cuppa and a posh biscuit.

And if there’s anything Kim admires, it’s someone with a bit of nerve.

Soon, her icy facade began to melt as she grew amused by Mary’s cheek.


Emmerdale Mary and Kim

(Image credit: ITV)

Before long, the pair were chatting like old mates.

And as the two women gassed away, viewers were happy that Kim had a pal in the village.

"I'm loving these Mary and Kim scenes tonight," said one. 

Meanwhile, another agreed: “Marry and Kim BFFs for life – love it!"

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Emmerdale Mary Kim

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And it seems the Mary and Kim fans will soon be getting more of what they want.

Spoilers for next week show that Kim and Mary will become even closer.

Kim will persuade Mary to confide in her about her sexuality.

After Mary opens up about a lost love, Kim will even help persuade her to tell Rhona the truth about her past.

As drama ensues, it seems Mary is going to lean on Kim in the future.

Of course, Rhona’s not Kim’s biggest fan. 

What will she think if Kim and her mum become bosom buddies in the coming weeks?

Emmerdale normally screens from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV, with a special hour-long episode on a Thursday.



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