'Emmerdale' Christmas spoilers: eleven shocking festive twists

Emmerdale Christmas spoilers - Woolpack Inn, Emmerdale
Emmerdale Christmas spoilers — The Woolpack is packed with drama! (Image credit: ITV)

Here's our guide to the biggest Emmerdale Christmas spoilers!

Well, things are far from quiet in the country this festive season, as Meena’s machinations bring little comfort and joy to the villagers.

So, prepare yourself for secrets to be revealed, proposals to be popped, and deadly danger to lurk around every corner. Here are our 2021 Emmerdale Christmas spoilers… also don't miss our Coronation Street Christmas spoilers!

Emmerdale Christmas spoilers! Meena kills Manpreet?

Meena Jutla

Sisters Meena and Manpreet go head to head this Christmas. (Image credit: ITV)

When Meena claims she’s pregnant with Billy’s baby, it begins a shocking series of events that see her sister, Manpreet, finally work out what we’ve all known for months – that Meena is a stark-raving bonkers, cold-blooded killer. But could Manpreet be putting her own life in danger as she sets out to uncover Meena’s deadly deeds?

When Manpreet gets wind of Meena’s pregnancy claims, she is immediately suspicious. Confronting Meena, Manpreet demands to know why she heard such big news second hand. Her sister comes up with an excuse as always, but when Meena mentions Nadine – her best friend who died when she was younger – something doesn’t add up. Contacting Nadine’s sister, Carol, Manpreet is shocked to hear a very different version of events – and learns that Carol thinks Meena was responsible for Nadine’s death!

Later, when Manpreet finds Meena trying to plant heroin on Dawn, she realises how twisted her sister has become. In a shock showdown, she demands proof of Meena’s pregnancy, and Meena’s dark reaction make Manpreet realise her worst fears about her sister may be true. Soon, we see Meena stalking Manpreet with a broken bottle. How far will she go to silence her?

Al makes a deadly move!

Al in Emmerdale

Desperate Al finds his Christmas is far from merry.  (Image credit: ITV)

As the residents enjoy their Christmas, there’s a thin dusting of what looks like snow on the ground. But are they really enjoying a white Christmas, or is something more sinister going on? 

Flashback scenes will soon reveal all, as we discover Al is under mounting pressure from his dodgy business associate, Gavin, who soon resorts to violence to make sure he gets his way. Backed into a corner, Al has to take drastic measures to get Chas and Al to sell up. With press rumours that Al will torch the famous pub in desperation, could his actions have deadly consequences?

Marry me, Kim!

Will proposes to Kim in Emmerdale

Will Kim accept Will's proposal?  (Image credit: ITV)

Will is torn this Christmas, as he finds himself growing fond of Bernice while still partnered with Home Farm’s queen, Kim. Although he’s adamant he’s staying loyal to Kim, Will fells a pang of jealousy when he spots Bernice out with Dan, and soon he and Bernice are having a frank discussion about their relationship – all of which is overheard by Kim.

Soon, we see Kim making a furtive phone call, and it looks like either Bernice or Will might be in deadly danger. But in fact, Kim is arranging for Malone’s corpse to be secretly removed from her land and disposed of. She explains to Will she's done that so he doesn’t feel tied to her and is free to choose who he wants to be with. And so Will does choose… by proposing to Kim. But how will she respond?

Liam falls into a trap

Emmerdale spoilers, Meena Jutla

Meena has a sinister plan up her sleeve for Liam.  (Image credit: ITV)

Meena brings more trouble to Dr Liam this Christmas, after he gets drunk at the Woolie and she steps in to ‘help’. Intercepting him staggering home, Meena guides him to her bedroom. Poor Liam is out for the count, and has no idea that he’s been ensnared in Meena’s trap. What is she planning?

Billy and Dawn reunite!

Emmerdale spoilers, Dawn Taylor, Billy Fletcher

Back to together at last!  (Image credit: ITV)

Meena’s attempts to keep Billy away from Dawn have the opposite effect this Christmas – as the pair find themselves pushed closer together and a kiss sees them reunited. 

The arrival of Alex, the dad of Dawn’s lad Lucas, has put her in a spin, leaving her little time to think of romance. Meanwhile, Meena is hoping to push Dawn back down a dark path, so persuades Alex that Dawn is a neglectful mother and the best thing would be if he was to take Lucas away with him.

Dawn’s horrified when she discovers what’s happening, and when Billy steps up to help her, grateful Dawn kisses him. Realising they should be together, even the news of Meena’s pregnancy can’t keep them apart, Dawn insisting they can make it work. And on New Year’s Eve, Billy proposes. Will this be one story with a happy ending, or will Meena do her worst?

Second time lucky for Belle and Ellis?


Could there be love in the air for Belle this Christmas?  (Image credit: ITV)

It looks like love could be in the air again for Belle and Ellis this Christmas. With Priya having pushed him away, Ellis invites Belle out for the day along with little Kyle. However, Ellis knows Priya still struggling with her troubles – so can he really put his feelings to one side and move on with Belle?

Noah’s deadly discovery

Emmerdale spoilers, Noah Tate

Noah has no idea that the ring he steals belongs to Leanna.  (Image credit: ITV)

Working at the B&B, Noah thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he spots a ring on the floor of Meena’s room. Thinking it would make the perfect present for Chloe, he pockets the jewellery and hopes she’ll love the gift. But Chloe might not be the only girl that reacts to the sparkler. The ring is actually Leanna’s, and one of the trophies that Meena has kept from her murders. Will someone recognise the ring? Or could Noah be in danger when Meena realises he now has incriminating evidence in his possession?

Harriet’s last Christmas

Emmerdale spoilers, Harriet Finch, Charles Anderson

This Christmas will be Harriet's last as a vicar.   (Image credit: ITV)

Harriet has been floundering in her faith since that fateful night Malone died, and has more recently been questioning her profession as a vicar. But this Christmas, it looks like she’s made her decision. After the Christmas Day service, Charles is shocked when Harriet informs him this will be her last one at St Mary’s. As she heads home, she takes one last look at the church as she peels off her dog collar. What does her future hold?

Sam’s plan to win back Lydia

Lydia in Emmerdale

Will Sam manage to win Lydia back? (Image credit: ITV)

Lydia is surprised to find a Christmas invitation hanging out of her letterbox. It’s all part of Sam’s plan to win her back, following their bust-up over Liv’s arrest. As a bemused Lydia reads the note, a grinning Sam watches on, happy his scheme is coming together. It all hangs on Sam’s plan to throw the perfect Christmas Day, but will it be enough to win Lydia back?

April forgives and forgets at Christmas?


Can Bob get April and Cathy talking again? (Image credit: ITV)

April and Cathy have been estranged since April discovered Cathy was behind the trolling messages that made her life hell. However, this Christmas Bob hopes he can make amends for his daughter’s actions and bring the former friends back together. He comes up with a plan to get April and Cathy talking again. But does the season of goodwill to all men really extend to all trolls?

Charity and Mack’s Christmas troubles


Three's a crowd for Ryan.  (Image credit: ITV)

Enjoying their first Christmas as a couple, Charity and Mack are happily relaxing. But it’s not good cheer for everyone, as Ryan just feels in the way as he watches the couple get into the Christmas spirit. But things don’t stay rosy between the pair through the whole festivities, as Charity’s actions soon find Mack feeling distinctly disappointed.

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