'Coronation Street' Christmas spoilers: eight explosive storylines

Coronation Street Christmas spoilers - The Rovers at Christmas
Coronation Street Christmas spoilers: dare you read on?! (Image credit: ITV)

Here are eight huge Coronation Street Christmas spoilers!

Christmas in Corrie is set to be a very dramatic affair, with shock heartbreaks, huge fallout, and explosive revelations for the residents of the famous cobbles.

Emma and Curtis's wedding day dawns, but after discovering her deceitful fiancé has been faking his terminal illness, the bride is unsure whether she can go through with marrying him. Abi renews her determination to kick Kelly out of Weatherfield, while Sarah and Adam attempt to bring their feuding families together for the festive season. Also, Nina faces a new trauma, and a Christmas reunion could be on the cards for Tyrone and Fiz when the exes share a smooch.

Christmas TV isn't the same without some massive Corrie bust-ups... read on!

8 Coronation Street Christmas spoilers

Curtis jilts Emma on their doomed wedding day?

Coronation Street Emma

Will Emma get her happy ending? (Image credit: ITV)

Emma's world is about to be turned upside down when she discovers Curtis has been lying to her about his terminal illness and medical school training. Although she will initially want to cancel their wedding, Emma decides to give her fibbing fiancé a second chance after learning he's raised a sizeable sum for Oliver's trust. However, as their big day arrives, the bride will be seen having serious doubts whether she's doing the right thing by tying the knot with a conman. 

Elsewhere, unbeknownst to Emma, Curtis is busy making inquiries about flights — is he planning to leave the country? Alarm bells are ringing for Amy when Steve reveals he gave Curtis his bank card to transfer the charity money, but the charity never received it. The revelation prompts Amy to make one of her own and she stuns her dad by admitting Curtis is a pathological liar and has probably made off with the cash. As Steve reels from the bombshell, anxious Emma is waiting at the wedding venue for Curtis to show up — has he done a runner on her?

Fiz and Tyrone share a forbidden festive kiss

Fiz and Tyrone under the mistletoe Christmas 2021 Coronation Street

What will Phill say when he hears about Tyrone kissing Fiz? (Image credit: Danielle Baguley / ITV)

Fiz is looking forward to putting the misery of 2021 behind her and enjoying a Yuletide getaway with Phill and the girls. But when Kevin lets slip how much Tyrone is dreading having Christmas without his family her conscience kicks in. 

Over at Number 9, Ty and gran Evelyn are just about to sit down to their dinner for two when Fiz arrives with Ruby and Hope in tow. The mechanic is made up to realise Fiz has cancelled her holiday for his sake, and begrudgingly agrees to let Phill join in their festive fun. With his love rival out of the room, tipsy Tyrone seizes his chance with Fiz and moves in for a kiss. Will she reciprocate his advances? 

Tyrone's clearly a man on a mission and tells Evelyn when Phill gets bored of playing happy families he'll be waiting for his ex. But his dreams of a reunion are shattered when Fiz pops over and announces she wants to sell their house because Phill has found them the perfect property to live in. Horrified, Tyrone flatly refuses, but will he be forced to rethink when Evelyn suggests he owes it to Fiz and the kids to put their needs first?

Abi's vendetta against Kelly takes an unexpected turn

Abi Franklin makes her feelings known.

Abi makes Kelly's life a living nightmare.  (Image credit: ITV)

Kelly's chuffed to bits when Maria offers her an apprenticeship at the barbers and hopes the job will mark a fresh start for her. Abi's appalled to see her late son's tormentor back on the cobbles, but decides to heed Nina's advice of stopping the hatred and vows to get into the Christmas spirit for Seb's sake. And when Kevin reads a letter found amongst Seb's possessions, he pulls out all the stops to ensure his wife has a day to cherish. 

Tensions resurface on Boxing Day when Abi arrives at Seb's memorial garden to find Kelly has left flowers there. Incensed by the gesture, Abi interrupts Kelly's meal with Dev and Aadi at the Bistro, plonking herself on the next table and terrorising the teen by staring at her. Despite Kevin's pleas to back off, Abi's hell-bent on driving Kelly out of Weatherfield, and after blocking her from getting into work, she's satisfied when Maria fires the youngster for her no show. 

With everything falling apart, Kelly ends up taking spice again and is found by Craig in a terrible state. Following her relapse, Kelly goes to the local drugs support group, where she encounters an angry Abi. The meeting gets underway and as Kelly describes her troubled childhood, explaining she's done some terrible things, Abi starts to feel a flicker of empathy towards her. Is this the breakthrough the grieving mum needs to stop her dangerous fixation and finally move forward?

Max's revenge on Daniel goes horribly wrong

Max Turner rigs Daniel's laptop.

Max plots against Daniel once again.  (Image credit: ITV)

Max's family are told they will have to wait a little while longer to find out if he's going to be expelled from Weatherfield High for his attack on Daniel. With the lad's future hanging in the balance, Daisy urges Daniel to have a word with headteacher Mrs Crawshaw to see if he can persuade her to give Max another chance. 

Later, the Platts receive a call from the school, and after learning his fate, malicious Max decides to cause even more trouble for Daniel. While the teacher's distracted during the set up for the school Christmas carol concert, Max tampers with his laptop. However, following a chat with Daisy, the vengeful teen realises to his horror Daniel was actually the one fighting his corner. 

With the concert about to start, Max frantically tries to retrieve the laptop and rectify his mistake, but fears he may be too late. Is he about to cause Daniel even further public humiliation?

Will Sarah get her Christmas wish granted?

Gail and the rest of the residents enjoy the festive season.

Gail's full of festive cheer, but can Sarah get the Platts and the Barlows to call a truce?  (Image credit: ITV)

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill, but there's little chance of any harmony between the warring Barlows and Platt clans. Sarah and Adam want to put a stop to all the squabbling and host a joint family get together, much to David's disgust. Sarah's not giving up on getting her wish though, and rounds up the Platts and Barlows, suggesting it's time they sorted out their issues out once and for all. The meeting quickly descends into chaos, and as the families trade barbed insults, Sarah wonders just what she's let herself in for. 

Come Christmas Day, her worst fears are realised when Audrey gets on the booze at breakfast, lazybones Gail refuses to help, David turns into the Grinch, and Peter and Carla are nowhere to be found. Having been let down by their loved ones, can Adam help lift Sarah's spirits and give her a special day to remember?

A Christmas miracle for Nick 

Nick Tilsley is proud of his son.

Nick's Christmas wishes come true.  (Image credit: ITV)

Heartbroken Sam hasn't uttered a word since losing his mum Natasha, despite Nick and Leanne's tireless efforts to try and coax him out of his silence. But as the Street residents gather for a sing-song at the festive market, Nick is overjoyed to hear his son speaking to Hope on the walkie-talkies she got for Chrimbo. 

However, the miracle may be short-lived when Sam realises his dad was eavesdropping on his conversation and instantly appears uneasy. Are they back at square one again? 

Nina's gripped by panic attacks 

Asha comes to Nina's rescue.

Nina is struggling to cope with the tragic events of 2021. (Image credit: ITV)

Poor Nina's been to hell and back following the brutal murder of her boyfriend, Seb.  And the trauma of her harrowing ordeal is far from over as she starts to experience crippling anxiety attacks. 

Asha first becomes aware of her girlfriend's nervous state when they witness Faye breaking a car sharply on the cobbles, and the sound leaves Nina badly shaken. With her anxiety building, Nina is frantic when she is unable to get hold of Asha, and ends up confessing to Carla she's living in constant fear of something bad happening to the people she loves. 

As Christmas arrives, the troubled teenager turns down Asha's invite to spend the day at hers, and hides away in the Cafe. But a special surprise present from Carla finally gives Nina the courage to reveal her darkest worries to Asha. Can she help Nina defeat her demons?

Romance is in the air for Jenny and Leo

Jenny Coronation Street week 41

Will Jenny find happiness in 2022?  (Image credit: ITV)

Smitten Leo tries his luck with Jenny again by inviting her out for a drink, and is gutted when she turns him down. Jenny is adamant the workman is far too young for her, but Daisy tells her stepmum to go for it, insisting she deserves to have a bit of fun. 

Taking Daisy's advice on board, Jenny apologises to Leo for giving him mixed signals, and the pair end up in bed together. Early next morning, Daisy catches Jenny applying her makeup and the clearly self-conscious landlady admits she doesn't want her toy boy to see her without slap on. Later, the lovers discuss their plans for New Year's Eve, which leaves Jenny more aware than ever of their age gap. Will she be welcoming 2022 in solo, or with Leo by her side?

We hope you enjoyed our Coronation Street Christmas spoilers!

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