Emmerdale Christmas wedding - we reveal who might be tying the knot!

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Emmerdale fans have something to look forward to...

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and if Jessie Grant has her way, Christmas 2018 in Emmerdale will be extra special!

Having finally laid the ghost of first husband Evan to rest, the head teacher sets her heart on starting a new chapter with boyfriend Marlon Dingle, by springing a surprise festive wedding on him!

The seeds are sewn for the next big Dingle nuptials when Marlon supports his girlfriend during a row with Charity soon. The Woolpack landlady is livid to discover that son Noah has been excluded from school over his recent prank-pulling stunts. As she confronts Jessie, Marlon wades in. He earns himself a knuckle butty from his cousin, but the admiration of his other half, who’s touched by his protectiveness.

Marlon smiling to Jessie in Emmerdale

Will Marlon and Jessie be tying the knot this Christmas?

As Jessie’s son Ellis then remarks that his mum should tell Marlon how much he means to her, Jessie gets an idea in her head and a twinkle in her eye. And soon, she has a suggestion – why not go the whole hog and propose!

Reveals actress Sandra Marvin, who plays Jessie: "Marlon is Jessie’s knight in shining armour, and she thinks 'Do you know what? Life’s too short! I’m going to prove to him how much I love him!'"

But before wedding plans can commence, there’s someone very important whom Jessie needs to speak to – Marlon’s beloved daughter, April. She rules the roost at Tall Trees, and Jessie knows better than to do anything without consulting the feisty schoolgirl first.

"She asks April’s permission – she’s the boss!" laughs Sandra. "Jessie knows how important April is to Marlon, and she cares about her feelings. She knows that if she’s going to be part of the family, she can’t just railroad her way in."

Marlon Dingle and Jessie

Marlon surprised Jessie in Emmerdale recently

April keeps Jessie waiting – but eventually gives her the answer she wants. What’s more, she comes up with a suggestion of her own. How about Jessie and her dad tie the knot at Christmas? Adds Sandra: "April and Ellis are really gung-ho about it, and they’re the ones who keep Jessie on track."

All Jessie, April and Ellis need now is for their secret plans to unfold without a hitch. Given that this is a soap wedding, that’s a big ask! Oh, and they’re also counting on the fact that when the big day arrives, Marlon will be bursting with happiness and agree to say “I do.”

Adds Sandra: "It would be nice to see them make a go of things, because Marlon has had so many ups and downs. As much as he wants to be with someone, he also wants a family unit around April - and that’s what this is all about.

"And I think Jessie would slot in well into the Dingle family. She definitely has the strength of the Dingle women.

"Jessie Dingle…who’d have thought it?"

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