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Emmerdale fans sickened by 'vile' Paul and Vinny twist in tonight's episode

Mandy is still hell bent on showing Vinny that Paul cannot be trusted in Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans were shocked to see Paul's dark side again tonight...

Emmerdale fans have been left horrified after tonight's episode saw Paul Ashdale attacking his son, Vinny Dingle, once again.

The shocking twist came after Vinny discovered his dad's gambling addiction was worse than ever and he'd lost Mandy's (Lisa Riley) deposit for their new house on a bet.

Paul lashes out at Vinny in Emmerdale

Tonight isn't the first time that Paul has lashed out at his son (Picture: ITV)

Not wanting to upset his mum, Vinny has kept the news that Paul is gambling again to himself.

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But now Vinny has found himself in trouble thanks to Paul after he stole money from the scrap yard in Tuesday's episode to cover the cash that his dad lost.

Vinny was convinced he'd got away with the theft and told Paul that he would repay the money before Aaron even noticed that it was missing.

Liv Emmerdale

Liv confronted Vinny about stealing Aaron's money, but she was left shocked by his confession (Picture: ITV)

However, what he didn't realise is Liv had seen him take the cash and tonight's episode saw her confront Vinny.

At first Vinny tried to cover for Paul, but Liv wasn't going to let the matter drop and soon Vinny was confessing everything.

Paul Emmerdale

Paul's dark side emerged once again as he attacked Vinny (Picture: ITV)

Liv was horrified that Paul had got Vinny mixed up in his problems, and she told him that if Paul didn't tell Mandy the truth about his gambling then she would.

Paul lashes out 

When Vinny got home, he nervously tried to talk to his dad, and eventually confessed that he'd confided in Liv.

But Paul soon saw red, convinced that Vinny had ruined everything, when really it is his own behaviour that has got them in trouble.

Vinny is uneasy when Mandy tells him she wants them to have their own place

How long will it before Mandy discovers Paul's true colours? (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

As a fuming Paul lashed out, Vinny was forced to protect himself with a chair and fans were disgusted by Paul's actions...

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With Mandy due home to the Dingles at any moment, could she walk in and see Paul attacking Vinny?

Or will Paul get away with his secrets and lies once again, leaving Vinny to pick up the pieces like he always does?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.