Emmerdale fans THRILLED by reunion hints for Charity and Vanessa

Emmerdale Charity Ryan
Could Charity's dreams come true as sparks fly with Vanessa? (Image credit: ITV)

The feud over the clashing relaunch events continued in Wednesday’s Emmerdale - but as the drama escalated, fans couldn't help notice there was a spark between Charity and Vanessa once again. 

With an insane amount of preparation and last-minute snags to get through, Charity was in a uber micro-managing mode. Suitably with International Women’s Day this week, Charity was one calling the shots, with Mack, Ryan and Bob all under pressure. 

Meanwhile, Chas was also on a roll with the B&B opening and had every last detail covered, even asking Paddy to be DJ with the instruction “No Backstreet Boys, just the last ten years!"

Chas gets everyone organised in Emmerdale

Chas had a very strict playlist for Liv and Vinny's wedding reception!  (Image credit: ITV)

With Mandy finding out about Vinny and Liv’s elopement it looked like the B&B party wouldn’t even get started, but kindhearted Chas hit upon turning it into a wedding reception. 

Her offer had nothing to do with continuing the feud with Charity, honest! It was totally bona fido. But despite getting Vinny and Liv on side, Mandy was still not happy she’d missed out on the official big day. 


Vinny and Liv invited Mandy to their wedding reception as the guest of honour.  (Image credit: ITV)

But it wasn’t just Chas and Charity that were feuding, Eric also decided to join in the fun and persuaded the delivery guy that the food for the pub event had already been dropped off. 

Fans weren't happy with his sneaky ways and took to social media to share their thoughts... 

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But, despite all the drama going on around her, Charity still had time for Vanessa who kept on popping up like Wack-o-mole whenever Mack had an important update. 

Mack couldn't help notice that his girlfriend's ex kept appearing throughout the day and, more importantly, he also noticed the spark between the former couple.

Fans couldn't help but share their happiness at seeing more Charity and Vanessa scenes and have got their fingers crossed it could mean a reunion is on the cards...  

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