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Emmerdale fans THRILLED as this UNEXPECTED character makes a surprise return


Emmerdale fans were pleased to see a surprise comeback during tonight's episodes...

Emmerdale fans were treated to their usual Thursday double helping of the soap tonight, and they were thrilled as Cain Dingle's mean and moody side finally made a triumphant return.

Gone are the days that Cain could strike fear into anyone who crossed his path, having half heartedly put his dodgy dealings to one side now that he is a family man.

Cain and Will take on Malone in Emmerdale ITV

Cain found himself caught up with Malone after trying to warn him away from Will (Picture: ITV)

But ever since he found himself caught up in trouble with bent police inspector Malone, it seems the real Cain Dingle is back... and with a vengeance.

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Fans are thrilled to see this darker side of Cain's character make a comeback...

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Emmerdale fans have watched in horror as Will got himself caught up with dodgy copper Malone after it turned out the gun Cain accidentally shot Nate with belonged to Malone.

But while Will was reluctantly doing dodgy jobs for Malone in a bid to keep his family safe, Cain found drugs stashed in a car at the garage and confronted Will about what was going on.

Cain and Malone Emmerdale ITV

Cain confronted Malone in tonight's eerie episodes (Picture: ITV)

After learningMalone was behind the trouble Cain confronted him, despite the fact Will warned him he was playing with fire... and as a result yesterday's Emmerdale saw the garage get trashed and Moira's prize bull at the farm murdered by Will's gang.

However, today Cain took the dodgy drugs back to Malone on his orders, only to come face to face with him in a warehouse.

But it soon became clear that Malone isn't working alone and he has got a whole gang of corrupt police officers working for him in a Line Of Duty style twist.

Cain and Malone Emmerdale ITV

Malone made it clear that Cain now works for him (Picture: ITV)

But by the end of tonight's second episode, Cain realised that he was in over his head as Malone asked him to do another drugs run for him, threatening Moira's life if Cain didn't comply.

As a brooding Cain thought about how he was going to get himself out of this latest mess, he vented to Billy about his troubles.

Cain and Malone Emmerdale ITV

Fans were thrilled to see Cain's mean and moody side back in the village (Picture: ITV)

But as Billy urged Cain to go back to his roots and sort the problem like only Cain Dingle can, does this mean we're about to see the real Cain that we know and love back in the village?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.