Emmerdale fans totally thrown by DOUBLE twist!

Emmerdale Charity
Charity had a night of shocks (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans knew that they were in for baby drama when they watched Wednesday’s episode.

With Amelia pregnant and having decided to have an abortion, viewers were ready for an emotional episode.

But the show managed to pull the rug out from under them when it served up a totally left-of-field baby shock on top of Amelia’s story.

With Amelia having becoming overwhelmed at the clinic, she raced out and was shocked to bump into Charity.

Emmerdale Charity

Pity in pink for Ameila (Image credit: ITV)

Charity’s heart went out to Amelia – after all, Charity was a teen mum herself. Knowing all too well what she’s going through and how out of her depth Amelia must feel, Charity stayed by her side as the two entered the clinic for Amelia’s rescheduled appointment.

However, trouble started to brew when Charity learned how far Amelia was into her pregnancy.

Emmerdale Amelia and Charity

Feeling the baby changed Amelia's feelings (Image credit: ITV)

Suddenly, she came to a shocking conclusion after Amelia mentioned Noah – could be the dad of Amelia’s baby? It would certainly explain why Amelia has been visiting him at prison recently. 

Amelia protested to Charity that Noah wasn’t the dad, but it seemed Charity wasn’t sure what to think.

Later, Amelia felt the baby move for the first time and her delight seemed to indicate that she may be changing her mind about her termination.

Bit all all this drama was only the starter – the show saved the main course for the final moments of the episode.

Viewers were already suspicious over why Charity had been at the clinic to see Amelia.

And they were proved right when Charity made a call – talking about arranging a rescheduled abortion for herself!

Emmerdale Charity on phone

(Image credit: ITV)

Charity's news was a big shock to many.

"Well, that was a twist I wasn't expecting," said one. While another joked, "Think I need a whisky!"

Another said: "Where has that come from and how?"

Emmerdale Tweet grab

(Image credit: Twitter)
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Meanwhile, the run of pregnancy tests in the village has some wondering just what was going on.

"Pregnancy is spreading faster than Covid," one laughed while another joked, "Pregnancy sweeping round the village more than Brenda when she's got some busybodying to do."

And one even reckoned the show might not be done yet: "I comes in threes," they said, predicting another baby on the way sometime soon.

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It’s clear that Charity hasn’t told boyfriend Mack about her baby news – and wasn’t planning to either. He even joked about Charity being pregnant after she ordered extra pickles

Charity and Mack’s relationship has rocky in the past, but they now seem to be solid. Is Charity now risking it all by keeping the baby a secret from Mack?

Emmerdale screens Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV including an hour-long episode on Thursday.

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