Emmerdale fans want another secret son for Cain Dingle — and here's who they want to play him!

Emmerdale young Chas and Cain
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Emmerdale fans are desperate for more 1990s episodes of the show after the Christmas flashback.

They have been singing the praises of the show's retro episode, which explained how Cain met his long-lost brother, Caleb.

And they're so impressed by actor Aiden Kane who played young Cain, that they want more of him in the show!

In fact, they think he should play another member of Cain's family!

Aiden Kane and Riccardo Drayton on set.

Aiden Kane played young Cain, alongside Riccardo Drayton who played Caleb (Image credit: ITV)

Cain was annoyed when his secret brother, Caleb, showed up in the prison and sent mysterious Christmas presents to Kyle and Isaac.

He told Caleb to sling his hook and Caleb did.

Except, he went straight to Emmerdale where Cain's  - and Caleb's - sister Chas was preparing to launch the firework containing their mum's ashes.

And he told her everything - who he was, and why she didn't know he existed.

Caleb and Cain

Aiden impressed viewers (Image credit: ITV)

Viewers saw the flashback unfold alongside Caleb's story of being shunned by his big brother, and Cain explaining why he didn't stay in touch to an incredulous Moira.

It turned out, Caleb was due to meet Chas - played in the flashback by Maddy Barker - on the very day she discovered she was pregnant with Aaron.

Cain told Caleb - played by Riccardo Drayton - to back off, Caleb lost his temper and nicked a car from the garage where Cain was working.

But the car had been involved in a crime, and when Cain offered to take the rap for the theft, he unwittingly got tied up in his boss's misdemeanours.

Caleb got away scott-free and Cain went to prison for the first time. 

From left to right: Aiden Kane (young Cain), Jeff Hordley (Cain), Riccardo Drayton (young Caleb) and Will Ash (Caleb) rehearsing.

The actors rehearsed alongside one another  (Image credit: ITV)

The younger versions of Cain, Caleb and Chas were a big hit with viewers who admired their dedication to mirroring the older actors' mannerisms.

And fellow actor Louis Emerick, who starred in Brookside and Coronation Street, was quick to add his voice to those praising the stars of the flashback.

He said Aiden Kane was "bang on"!


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Other fans took to social media to praise the "fantastic casting" and "breathtaking acting".

Some viewers even asked if there was any chance Cain could have another long-lost son that Aiden Kane could play! 

Another one?! It's always possible!  

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Other fans loved the 90s setting for the episode and begged for more flashbacks featuring the Dingles.

We'd definitely love to see that!

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Emmerdale usually airs every weeknight at 7.30pm, on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursday. See our TV Guide for more information. 

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