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Emmerdale viewers call for THIS unexpected character to be given regular role after hilarious debut

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Did you spot him?

There's been a lot of drama on Emmerdale this week as it looks like serial killer Lachlan White is preparing to take his next victim in the village.

But as things begin to get more tense, viewers of the ITV soap enjoyed a bit of light relief during Friday evening's hour long episode as an unexpected character ended up stealing the show.

In case you missed it, Brenda Walker and Laurel Thomas found themselves behind bars at the end of Thursday night's episode after they ended up in a fruit and veg fight.

Emmerdale spoilers! Fiiiiight!! Laurel and Brenda come to blows

But as the love rivals continued to squabble in jail, they were put in their place by a bearded policeman who came out with some hilarious one liners.

When Bob Hope and Doug Potts turned up trying to get the women released, the copper joked: "What's this? A stock take?"

Before adding: "They would have been home last night if they didn't spend all of it snarking at each other."

After Bob asked: "Can you get 'em for us?" and the officer sarcastically replied: 'Right now? No... It's not like a snow day at nursery..."

But Doug's attempt to answer back didn't go down too well as the policeman hit back: "Oh I see where they get it! Do you want to join them?"

In one final blow, following Laurel and Brenda's release the ladies asked if they were being let go, to which the officer said: "No, you're being taken to death row."

And it looks like the policeman's funny responses weren't lost on Emmerdale fans, as one wrote on Twitter: "Loving this sassy policeman on #Emmerdale! Series regular plz!"

While a second added: "The sarky policeman who had to deal with Brenda/Laurel/Bob/Doug in #emmerdale was so good."

And a third wrote: "That policeman should be in it more often #Emmerdale".

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Luckily, Brenda and Laurel came out of the food fight unscathed following their night behind bars and even managed to put their differences aside... for now!