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Emmerdale spoilers! Fight… Laurel Thomas and Brenda Walker come to blows

Emmerdale spoilers! Fiiiiight!! Laurel and Brenda come to blows

Love rivals Laurel Thomas and Brenda Walker fight in the street!

Since Bob Hope walked out on Brenda Walker and shacked up with Laurel Thomas, the uneasy trio have tried to keep things civil. For the sake of the kids they decided it's best to try to behave.

But the gloves come off after a surprise party. The love rival ladies start fighting in the street! Has Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) found out that Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) had a secret smooch with her dad Doug? Can Bob split them up?

Belle reels when Freddy, an investor, agrees to stump up cash to help out with Whingles and offers her a year's work in his Head Office! Problem is, the job is in London… and Lachlan ain't invited.

Hour-long episode.