Emmerdale star Michael Wildman reveals the real reason fans love to HATE Al

Al Chapman and Chas Dingle look longingly at each other in Emmerdale
Al Chapman and Chas Dingle have been in the midst of an affair. (Image credit: ITVA)

Emmerdale actor Michael Wildman, who plays Al Chapman, has revealed that Al's love is "without a doubt" genuine for Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) — but that hasn't stopped fans of the soap hating him for splitting up Chas and Paddy.

Recently in Emmerdale, love rats Al and Chas embarked on an affair behind their partner's backs. However, it looks like their secret could be exposed after Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) spotted them together in the storm during Monday night's episode (October 17).

As Chas and Al battled against the violent winds, Kerry was knocked to the ground by a garden structure.

At the same time, some furniture from Kim Tate's (Claire King) wedding went flying through the air and hit Chas, also injuring her.

Throughout the ordeal, Al chose to save Chas and left a bleeding Kerry to recover alone from the storm as she looked on in confusion.

Talking to What To Watch and other media, Michael revealed the negative response Al and Chas' relationship has received from fans but is adamant that Al's love for Chas is genuine.

Emmerdale spoilers, Chas Dingle, Al Chapman

Al Chapman decided to save Chas Dingle in the storm rather than his fiancé Kerry Wyatt. (Image credit: ITV)

He said: "They love to hate him, it's an awful situation to be in for Al, less to lose than Chas who is married with a kid. Generally, in public, it's met by a raised eyebrow and people saying, ‘he’s a naughty boy!’ But his love is genuine for Chas without a doubt no two ways about it at the moment, certainly."

Michael also said that Al and Kerry's relationship is incomparable to what Al and Chas have and feels that Al's love for Chas runs deeper than for Kerry.

The soap star commented: "With all due respect to Al and Kerry’s relationship I don’t think you can compare that to what Al and Chas have. No surprise when it was brokered those characters may get together this has been bubbling under the surface for some time almost a year and a half ago, they had these meetings. 

"With everything that’s gone on between the two of them, he hates the Dingles she hates him, all the Woolpack stuff, yet she’s always tolerating him. I just think while I love Kerry and Al, it almost feels like that relationship is like friends with benefits, whereas Al and Chas have the benefits but it feels much deeper and has been running and on course for a long time."

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