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Emmerdale's Eden Taylor Draper on Belle's revenge: 'There is so much more to come'

Belle reveals all in Emmerdale

The unexpected twist aired this evening...

Tonight's first episode of Emmerdale revealed details of Belle Dingle's betrayal of Jamie Tate, but actress Eden Taylor Draper has promised the twist is far from over...

Last night's episode saw Belle tell her boyfriend that the police were on their way to arrest him after she reported him for Moira's hit and run.

But the full extent of her double bluff was revealed in the 7pm episode of Emmerdale tonight as the police took Jamie in for questioning.

Jamie Tate arrested Emmerdale

Belle double crossed Jamie by gathering evidence against him (Picture: ITV)

It was revealed that Belle has been playing Jamie for a fool for weeks, quietly gathering evidence against him while pretending to be the perfect girlfriend.

Belle even kept her family in the dark, despite them all turning against her as she apparently sided with Jamie.

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But Belle did have some help in getting justice for Moira.

Belle's sidekick

Nate Robinson was also in on the bluff, and has been working with Belle to gather enough evidence that the police can charge Jamie with his hit and run crime.

Fans watched the drama unfold tonight, but there is more to come in the second episode of Emmerdale at 8pm this evening - see our TV Guide for full listings.

Jamie Tate arrested Emmerdale

Jamie was in shock as the police arrived (Picture: ITV)

Eden Taylor Draper reveals there's more to come 

Speaking of her character's high storyline twist, Eden Taylor Draper, who plays Belle, said: "These scenes were so much fun to film, I loved playing a game against the top game player himself!

"Over time Belle obviously realised how awful Jamie can be, he did some awful things like not confessing about knocking down Moria, sacking Sam, paying Nate off - just for starters.

"So with Nate's help Belle hatched a plan to get more information so she could ultimately go to the police and get him sent down for everything he’s done."

Eden also said she liked keeping the secret and letting fans watch the twist play out...

"I really enjoyed the fact we preserved this twist.

Jamie Tate arrested Emmerdale

Eden Taylor Draper has revealed that this storyline is far from over (Picture: ITV)

"I think so often things obviously get leaked so when it’s a twist you don’t know about as a viewer it’s a real shock."

But, of course, there is still plenty more to come from this storyline.

Eden adds: "There is 100% more to come as it is Jamie Tate after all.

"I think Belle would be stupid to think he’d go down easily. He will have something up his sleeve but maybe something she doesn’t expect...

"I don't want to give anything away but there is so much more to come."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.