Fans love cliffhanger and the return of 'severe' Selwyn in ‘Death in Paradise’ 11 finale

Selwyn Patterson
A shock lay in store for Selwyn in ‘Death in Paradise’ (Image credit: BBC)

*This article contains spoilers*

Fans of BBC One murder-mystery series Death in Paradise season 11 applauded the finale, giving special attention to the storyline about the commissioner’s past that delivered a ‘landing so severe there it’s going to appear on Big Jet TV’.

The principal storyline revolved around the murder of a former chess grand master as he attempted to make a comeback, but it was the appearance of Irish journalist Maggie Harper (Orla Brady) and her connection to Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) that really drove the finale’s narrative.

Initially, their reunion was touching and sweet as the former husband and wife reminisced about old times and celebrated it with a 5-star night. Not that all viewers were happy about the development.

One tweeted: “Selwyn, oh come on. you should be with Darlene, Maggie broke your heart (apparently) and will do it all over again however kudos”. 

But as the plot developed, fans knew his buoyant mood was too good to be true and sure enough, when Maggie revealed her role in obstructing the investigation into Julius Rotfeld’s murder, his typically grumpy manner returned. And fans welcomed it back.

According to one fan: “He’s been a bit too cheerful of late, this is more like the Selwyn we know”

While another thought it a bump worthy of Storm Eunice. 

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Selwyn Patterson

The commissioner strolled down memory lane with ex-wife Maggie (Image credit: BBC)

The big reveal – and the cliffhanger for season 12 – is that Selwyn has a daughter, Andrina – a minor fact that Maggie has kept quiet for a number of decades!

Death in Paradise fans were surprised by the revelation, but pleased that Catherine was on hand to soothe him with a large rum.

“Well that was a shock - daddy Selwyn! Catherine’s initial reaction before doing what she does best… looking after her friend’s need for a drink after getting this news!”

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Theorists were quick to work out one of the plot lines when Death in Paradise resumes at Christmas – DI Neville Parker is looking for love and has been updating his profile on dating apps, so perhaps love will come looking for him...

One fan commented: “And in Season 12, Neville's love interest becomes the commissioner's daughter”.

Another posted: “Is the Commissioner's newly discovered daughter going to be Neville's new love interest?!”

It seems like a logical development. And certainly one that DiP fans will enjoy, as this series bowed out on a high note.

A viewer tweeted: “Brilliant season finale for #DeathInParadise tonight. Great story, sharp script, funny, filmed on location in the hotel, no police station, fab cast, lots of commissioner interest, just great entertainment / roll on next year!”

Death in Paradise returns to BBC One for a Christmas special before season 12 premieres early in the new year.

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