Ghosts US is back in production and the cast is placing their bets on one vital question.

Asher Grodman as Trevor, Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty and Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn in Ghosts US
Asher Grodman as Trevor, Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty and Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn in Ghosts US (Image credit: CBS)

The CBS network found a hidden gem with the television show Ghosts. Based on the popular British show, the US iteration was not only popular among TV watchers, but critics enjoyed the sitcom. With a 91% "Fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes and reviewers lauding the show, including Book and Film Globe calling it “a deftly clever comedy” it came as no surprise that the series was renewed for a second season.

Now perhaps seeking to reward loyal fans and realizing Ghosts is not slated to start airing new episodes until the fall, the show recently released a couple of fun clips on Twitter of the cast while they are currently in the middle of production. 

In the first video, you can see members of the cast — including Devan Chandler Long who plays Thorfinn and Samantha McIver (Rose) — naming the colleague they believe will be the first to break character and start laughing. Judging by the cast votes, it appears that most of the actors on set doubt Asher Grodman's (Trevor) ability to hold back the laughs and stay in character. Take a look. 

If you were wondering which actor actually broke character first, don’t worry we’ve got the answer to that. We’d usually ask for the obligatory drumroll here, but we’ll just go ahead and spill the beans. The first actor to interrupt filming with the giggles is none other than Brandon Scott Jones, who stars in Ghosts as Isaac. Jones being the culprit must have been a shock to his costars considering none of them selected him. Also, Grodman apparently deserves some more credit than he was given.

If the videos didn't quite satisfy your Ghosts fix, how about trying to answer this question, posed on CBS Ghosts Twitter feed, "Which Ghost would you want haunting your house?".  Hmmn... it's a tricky one.

Ghosts which character would you want haunting your house? quiz

So, which Ghosts character would you want haunting your house?  (Image credit: CBS)

While you wait for Ghosts season 2, be sure to rewatch some of your favorite episodes from season 1 over on Paramount Plus.  

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