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The Graham Norton Show will be returning despite the coronavirus outbreak – and it’s back in a matter of weeks

(Image credit: BBC/So Television/Christopher Ba)

The Graham Norton Show will be returning to screens despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the spread of the coronavirus has meant that the production of a lot of TV shows and movies have been put on hold, it turns out that legendary talk show host Graham Norton will be back with his new series anyway.

In order to provide fans with some light relief during uncertain and tumultuous times, the BBC has decided to bring Graham Norton back with his new series.

The popular show will return in two weeks time on Friday 10th April for fans to have some escapism from everything going on with the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, the comedian’s show will be airing at the earlier time of 9pm and each episode will last half an hour each.

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“The BBC is determined to do all it can to raise a smile and keep the country entertained during these testing times,” said Director General Tony Hall.

The director general went on to speak about the network’s other popular shows, revealing why the company have decided to keep Graham Norton’s show running.

"We have lots of great shows already recorded, but we have also found ways to keep many other shows going so that the familiar faces people love will still be in their living rooms in the weeks and months ahead.

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"I think that is incredibly important,” he added.

"Our pledge is to offer the best escapism, fun and distraction we can, alongside the news and information everyone needs”.

Filming for the channel’s mainstream soap EastEnders has currently been suspended until further notice and will now air a reduced schedule so that it can be kept on air for as long as possible.

It will now be showing just two episodes per week instead of its usual schedule of four.