HBO just picked up a two-part documentary on George Carlin from Judd Apatow

George Carlin
George Carlin performs (Image credit: Kevin Statham/Getty Images)

It was reported yesterday that HBO is working on a new two-part documentary about legendary comedian George Carlin. The documentary is being made by HBO Documentary Films in association with Rise Films and Apatow Productions, a production company founded by Judd Apatow.

Carlin passed away in 2008. The comedian headlined 14 different stand-up comedy specials on HBO during the course of his career, his first in 1977.  The comedian also appeared on The Tonight Show over 130 times.

"Having been the public keeper of my dad’s legacy these last 12 years, I’ve dreamt of the right people appearing at the right moment to give the documentary telling of my father’s story what it deserves – an honoring of his comedic genius and unique cultural impact, while not shying away from his personal struggles and humanity,” said Carlin’s daughter, Kelly Carlin in a prepared statement. “I’m thrilled that Jerry Hamza and I have teamed up with Judd Apatow, Michael Bonfiglio and Teddy Leifer to make it happen now. May the comedy gods smile up at us as we endeavor to share my dad’s heart, mind and genius with the world.”

The documentary will include conversations with members of Carlin’s family as well as material from some of his performances on television and in stand-up specials.

"It’s a great honour to be producing a film about George Carlin, a giant figure in comedy,” said executive producer Teddy Leifer. “The sting of his words is as sharp now as when he was on stage. Carlin is the comedian's comedian who mastered his craft and shaped American counterculture such that he paved the way for a generation of comics that followed. I’m thrilled that we will once again be working with our wonderful colleagues at HBO and that Judd Apatow, another comedy giant, is directing.”

The documentary is currently in production; however, HBO has yet to announce a release date.

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