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Holby City: Ange has got ANOTHER SHOCK in store for Dom...

Ange tells Dominic Chloe secret in Holby
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Just as Holby medic Dominic Copeland is beginning to come round to the idea of Ange Godard being his mum, she drops ANOTHER bombshell, as David Ames reveals

Poor Dominic. To say the Holby City medic has had a tough few weeks has got to be the understatement of the year.

First, Dom found out that Carole (she’s so ditzy, but we love her!) wasn’t his biological mother and that she’d had him adopted as a baby. The news knocked Dom for six but there was an even bigger shock to come when he then discovered his REAL mum was none other than… consultant Ange Godard.

Dom couldn’t get his head around this news at first but now, while Dom’s relationship with Carole (played by Julia Deakin) has seen better days, it seems he IS starting to form a bond with Ange (Dawn Steele). But he’s still finding out a lot more about her and, next week, he discovers another MAJOR secret about our Ange that shocks him to the core…

Dom’s trying to seize every opportunity to get closer to Ange, so when young patient Farhima is admitted, Dom sees it as a chance to work alongside her in the Young Adult Unit. Unfortunately, though, Ange has an important meeting, so Dom’s left to handle the case alone.

As they’re struggling to team up at work, Dom decides to invite Ange to a rap music exhibition – but he’s upset when she rejects his offer. It turns out Ange’s daughter Chloe (Amy Lennox) – who doesn’t yet know Dom’s her half-brother – has cut her holiday short and Ange needs to be with her.

Dom appears to be understanding but it’s clear that, deep down, he’s annoyed that Ange always seems to put Chloe first…

"Dom and Ange’s relationship is fairly tumultuous," reveals David Ames, who plays Dom. "Dom doesn’t feel that much effort is being made by Ange to bridge this huge gap in his life and he feels he’s coming up against a brick wall a lot of the time because she’s also struggling with the fact he’s her son."

Amy Lennox plays Chloe Godard in Holby City

Dom doesn't appreciate having to play second fiddle to Ange's daughter Chloe (Amy Lennox)...

When Farhima bleeds out in theatre, Dom needs urgent assistance. He’s paged Ange but, when she doesn’t arrive, he refuses to page Sacha. Aww… the boy just wants his mum!

Ange, however, is annoyed to learn that Dom knowingly risked Farhima’s life because he only wanted her in theatre. And when Ange then admits she didn’t hurry because she was actively trying to avoid him, Dom’s furious!

Dominic confronts Ange over perfect Chloe

Dominic confronts Ange in Holby City! He wants to know why EVERYTHING has to be so perfect for Chloe...

To Dom, Chloe seems to be the chosen one. Bringing up the fact that Ange had him adopted, yet decided to keep Chloe, Dom says he feels he was this "unwanted beginning" while, as far as he’s concerned, Chloe had the "perfect start". But Ange has news for Dom: Chloe’s start in life was FAR from perfect!

As Ange then reveals a painful secret from her past, Dom is stunned. Will the news bring them closer? Or push them further apart?

Find out as Holby City continues next Tuesday at 8pm on BBC1.

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